Does anyone know why some cell phone pics are saved as executable?

I've noticed this when importing from Android and from pics that others e-mail me (possibly from iPhones).

Note: I don't need a lesson in Linux file permissions, I just wondered why JPEGs get saved with the executable bit set on cells.

As a DIYer, I watch a lot of YT videos by people who graciously share their talent and experience.

Then to the comments; which are plagued with haters, trolls, and "Negative Nellys." It's the modern Internet culture.

However, once in a while you'll see a comment by someone who offers "Have you tried doing it this way? I've done this for years and it works great."

It's those little gems hidden among the muck that give me some hope for humanity.

I wrote some beautiful code that is:

1) Commented, well documented

2) Well formatted, easy to read

3) Compliant with all standards

Of course, it doesn't work. Is that going to be a problem?

It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

It's Monday so a

Have a family get together and assemble everyone for a group photo. Family member "X" says they will take the pic because their phone has the greatest camera ever invented.

Ask "X" to e-mail the pic to me, and I get some 200 x 300 px thumbnail sized image, or a copy sent from their Facebook photos, which has been "web page optimized."

What's the point of having the latest and greatest if you don't understand something as simple as e-mailing a full sized image?

A month into 2020 I just realized we can now refer to the decade as just the twenties; moving forward, the thirties, the forties, etc.

Not like the last 2 decades, which always seemed awkward, the twenty-o's and the twenty-teens, or however you may refer to them.

I miss being offered free browser toolbars from every site I visited.

I've been cleaning and organizing my tools, both at home and the shop. It's quite therapeutic.

The Good: I found things I forgot I had.

The Bad: Now where do I put them?

You know you're getting older when you gauge how fast time is passing by the number of Ubuntu LTS releases that have passed.

My great-grandmother died when I was 10. I'm still amazed that I knew someone that was born in the 1800s.

20 years into the new millennium now, I have to stop and wonder. How long will I have to live before someone is amazed to know me, someone born in the 1900s?


In passing yesterday I caught the Mrs. watching "Fried Green Tomatoes". I always liked that film because it brought to life the story of a once thriving, now abandoned and forgotten rural village.

Growing up in farm country, I'd drive past those little hamlets with 8 or 10 homes, a train station, Post Office, cafe, and a general store, all now gray and falling down. I'd often find myself trying to imagine the stories of the buildings and the people who once spent their lives there.

Just found out I can still get my 40+ year old SK tools replaced under the lifetime warranty. It's great when some brands stand the test of time.

Creating an Always Christmas Linux Distro, as a bit.

Grabbed my wireless mouse off the desk, dropped it on the floor and the battery cover and USB dongle popped off. Reassembled, plugged in, didn't work. Re-installed the battery still no dice.

Great! Dead mouse? Put in a new battery and works again. Now what's the chance that the battery went dead over night, on the very same day I dropped it? Hmm...

I've been using LibreOffice for so long now, I didn't realize how rusty my once proficient MS Office skills have become.

Playing around on my old Windows laptop this morning, I tried recreating some Writer pamphlets I made, using MS Office instead. I found myself hunting & pecking trying to figure out "How'd I used to do that?"

Pro tip: If you're a job seeking programmer, make sure to use Free Mono font for your resume and cover letters. Because... consistency.

On the way back from the city today, stopped a couple places so Mrs. could do some Xmas shopping.

I can't believe how stupid & slow checkout has become. First, taking people's phone no. & emails, offering rewards club next. Then customers debating the online price of each item with their phone. Then trying to use phone coupons. Then trying to pay 3 different ways because their tap-to-pay won't work at this store. 5 mins. to purchase 2 items.

I thought tech was supposed to make life easier.

Snapped a B/W shot of the ice and snow in the woods behind the house this morning. Jumped into GIMP to try and make it look old.

Turns out I'm better at restoring photos than aging them. Just for fun.

Found this digging through some old scripts I wrote. It's a little terminal shopping days reminder that one could run whenever they open their terminal, like Screenfetch.

I was cleaning out some of my old PC components yesterday, and I realized I've got a collection of SATA optical drives. Project or scrap?

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