This is why I love living in the Linuxsphere. Get on Mastodon this morning, immediately see 3 toots about a Sudo vulnerability, open a terminal and check for updates.

1 package upgradable - sudo.

Patched before I even heard about it. Thank-you.

One of the things my Dad taught me as a kid (or at least got me started in) was auto repair. Over the years I've saved thousands of $$.

Today was another one of those days. I can't imagine paying someone to do average repairs to my car.

Good morning everyone!

Statistically, Tuesday is the most productive day of the work week.

No pressure.

Update time! Today we're releasing LibreOffice 6.3.2, with 49 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

Some days it's my devices that are outdated; some days I think it's just me that needs an update.

Son (just 13) came home to tell me they're learning Python at school this year. What a change from a few years ago where ICT classes would involve Microsoft Office and not much more. Progress!

Anyone else remember the Windows "Print-to-file" option? You know, the one where you clicked print and nothing seemed to happen. Where did all those files go?

They are probably on some "Customer Experience Improvement" server in the Seattle area.

Let me just say this:

When my Wii dies, I will no longer be a gamer.

Love all my tech stuff, but gaming was never my calling.

Because who needs paper?

One of my favorite Linux utilities, although tiny, quiet, and mostly out of sight, is the CUPS-PDF printer. It was around before I came to Linux in 2010, but if you're new you may have missed it.

It's my default printer on all my machines. It works, it's local, and has filled the void left behind by the "Send-to-OneNote" virtual printer from the Microsoft days.

About 3 years ago we got a infestation of a new species of stink bugs in our area. This spring I read that the harsh winter killed 95% of them.

I found the other 5%. They are all at my house.

The ad said:

"Huge Parking Lot Sale!"

They weren't kidding. The parking lot was huge. The sale? Well...

I've come to the conclusion that the greater majority of the general public just doesn't care about privacy and security.

Whenever I try to explain to legitimate issues with things like Facebook, Google, and microphone enabled connected devices, I feel I'd have a better chance of convincing them of a recent alien abduction.

People just don't seem to care.

Modern Proverbs

Grandma always said:

"Everything in life is not just black or white."


"Not everything is Boolean."

Currently catching up with the rest of the World. season 9 on Netflix today.

Since switching from cable to streaming for entertainment, I find we are watching more and more British TV/movies. I guess the mild cultural differences (from U.S.) are just enough to keep it fresh.

File this under:

You thought you were being clever. Got to love the DMV and their private data processing companies.

So Debian turns 26 today. I've only just started playing around with Debian 10, but I've been using "Based on Debian" for almost 10 years. That must count for something.

Astrophysicists are the only people that can say things like "93 million trillion miles" and be taken seriously.

TFW you finally find your perfect desktop theme, and 2 days later a desktop update breaks it.

I got started in Linux with Ubuntu 10.04. I remember browsing the Software Center and finding a "cool" program to install.

But how many programs wouldn't even launch back then? You'd click the icon, a little cursor feedback and then nothing. At times it seemed like half of them didn't even work.

Times have changed. "Most" of the software in the repositories work and I wouldn't touch a software center (I'm a CLI guy).

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