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Americans are adorable Show more

@gvanrossum@twitter.com Thank you so much for all your hard work. Python is my go-to when I'm showing people why I love programming. Enjoy some well deserved rest.

I like 10% want to program some more, 10% want to go to sleep, and 80% just wanna slowly die
Every time people talk about how Windows update broke everything I put on a smug face and thing about how pacman only breaks everything when I tell it to

Guess what, I do not support S.2823, a bill in the US Senate which would extend copyright (yet again).

My senators oppose it. Do yours?


My life would have been better if I had never heard this Freddie Mercury disco song. 🕺

Not everybody knows this, but "XP" stands for "extra pain", which is French for "more bread".

Project for today: switch the NAS to run NixOS. Currently on Debian.

Gah! Finally signed up. I hate it when I do this to myself: I spent all afternoon reading about Mastodon, briefly considered hosting my own instance, realized I don't have enough time for it, researched multiple instances, read some more, considered hosting my own instance again. No wonder I never get anything done...