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So weird: when you have developed so much recently that other imperative, OO-style languages feel like 's (and no, this is not a compliment😉).

And don't you dare to assign aliases to other objects in those languages! It just looks and feels...wrong! Is it mutable? Is is not? Does it get cloned? Oh my what happens here?!😲 What...a thread!?😱

Nice, I've done some improvements regarding csv-diff's diff API:

So now, you don't have to wrap your bytes or String in a `Cursor` anymore. It is done automatically for you through a new trait.

Fun fact: this wouldn't even be a breaking change, if csv-diff wasn't still in alpha, because `Cursor`, `File` etc. still work as before, no change needed for user code.💪

Please keep in mind that this is _not_ released yet as a new version.

that you can disallow certain types in your code with (since 1.55):

This is useful, if you e.g. want to use a faster HashMap (e.g. from ahash) and not the std HashMap.

Official docs:

Ist das jetzt eine Funfrage oder eine Fangfrage? :thinkhappy:

Wow, this looks amazing! 😍

netdata - Real-time performance monitoring, done right!

Make yourself familiar with :

Awesome critique of crypto / web3. Curated list of high quality critique plus background:

Seeing all these new tools for popping up recently (e.g. , , ...), I've come to the following thought:
There are many MANY web developers out there. What if those web developers suddenly get interested in Rust?

Rust be like 🚀

: This year or next year, a collaborative will pop up, written in and . 🦀

Think , but for video editing.

What are your _tech_ predictions for the next years?

Why Electron is a Necessary Evil - by Federico Terzi:

No, is not always bad! Bad performing apps are caused by bad development practices, not _necessarily_ the technology used.

Want to see a well performing Electron app? Look at !

Commit 48e91bc

Oops, turns out you can now diff 1 million rows of in only 400ms.🚀

All I had to do was to use ahash::AHashMap instead of std HashMap. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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simulating the real world will be a big deal in the future.

And no, I don't mean metaverse.

Introducing csv-diff - the fastest CSV-diffing library in the world - written in !🚀 🎉

- compare two CSVs with 1,000,000 rows x 9 columns in under 500ms
- thread-pool agnostic 🧵🧶


This crate has been made possible by the awesome Rust community! Thank you!🤝 ❤️

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Commit 487efd1

Where did we leave off? Oh, right...might we even be able to...

...CROSS THE 500ms mark!?😱


Next toot will be the official release. Stay tuned.😉

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Yay, I fixed the bug!🎉
It wasn't a concurrency bug in the traditional sense (it's after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but rather a code path that was sometimes executed and sometimes not, depending on whether the other thread had a chance to run or not.

New plan: release this within 2021 (as alpha)!😁 🤞

@musicmatze @guenther

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Just found out about cargo-modules, a plugin to show your modules as a tree.

I've seen this in Let's Get Rusty's recent video about modules. It's a great tutorial. Check it out!

Rust Modules - Explained Like I'm 5: (or YT:

Unfortunately, I can't release this as planned.😥
I'm so sorry, but I found a very weird (concurrency!) bug and I don't want to ship it with this bug in it. Real life of a developer, I guess...😞

(I found this bug writing and executing a specific doc test...What!?)

I'm so disappointed right now.😭

I'll look into it after xmas and keep you updated.

I wish you some happy holidays! 🎅

@musicmatze @guenther

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