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Hubert: "Hi, my name is Hubert".

X: "Can you give me your full name please?"

Hubert: " much time do you have?"



👆 I think this is my new favorite blog post. The writing style and content is just 😗

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Fast Software, the Best Software - On the benefits of speedy , and how it affects user perception of engineering and overall - by Craig Mod:

"Fastness in software is like great margins in a book — makes you smile without necessarily knowing why."

"I love software that [...] unbloats over time. This should be the goal of all software."

"Fast software gives the user a chance to “meld” with its toolset. That is, not break flow."

Das ist Schnecki 🐌

Schnecki schleimt gerne den Boden unter sich voll...🐌

"The message that emerges from [Ai Weiwei's] work is that the truest resistance to the oppression of conformity is the riot of human diversity, the singular nature of the individual and their individual expression, the non-deterministic variability of things we—all of us—think and do and make. Difference is the seed value of our human process."

Cultural Revolutions - Freedom is not a goal, but a direction - by Edward Snowden:

Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Never!

Although I'm not a programmer, this looks really cool:

Create desktop apps using Go and Web Technologies:

Yes, more UIs with please!💪

Urgh... is just 😘 🥰

You automatically _want_ to write the best documentation possible.

Thank you, community, for this awesome piece of technology!❤️

Wow, now has 60k stars on .🎉

Have a look at this graph:

It almost looks like exponential growth!😍 🦀

Finally a comparison with Rust that actually makes sense (yes, I look at you "Go vs. Rust people"🙄):

C++ Move Semantics Considered Harmful ( is better)

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For all the people, who are praising Low-/No-Code tools, just ask them this simple question:

You: "How are you going to test this?"

LowCodeGuy: "We let our testers execute the app/software."

You: "So you are basically doing manual regression testing!? That's pretty expensive, don't you think? What about automated tests like unit tests?"

LowCodeGuy: *Error, can't ...compute...answer...🥴 😖 😵*

Wow, this combinator in looks awesome 😍
Chumsky - A friendly parser combinator crate

What really stands out: it has "powerful error recovery strategies" - parser combinators are usually not known for their good error reporting capabilities.

Also, best name ever for this kind of crate! 😉

tip ⚠️ :

Regularly search for the following codepoints in your source code:
U+202A, U+202B, U+202C, U+202D, U+202E, U+2066, U+2067, U+2068, U+2069

more context here:

Your source code don't need to be Rust to be affected by this vulnerability.
has fixed it in 1.56.1, though, so time to update if you can.

Strings are ugly! 😬

"Outperforming Imperative with Pure Functional Languages" by Richard Feldman: (or YT:

Richard Feldman and his team have worked on a pure functional language called roc ( It compiles to a static binary and uses and opportunistic in-place mutation for optimization.

Such a great talk! I ❤️ Richard Feldman!

Wow, that in there are not only `pub` and `pub(crate)` for specifying visibility of items, but there is also:
- `pub(super)`: item will only be visible to the parent module
- pub(in crate::foo): item will only be visible in module `foo`

🤯 :rust:

See this excellent blog post by Aloso, when you want to understand Rust's module system:

Mini "rant" again (sorry) 

Do you know in ? If not, lucky you!

I've *literally* searched for the following title in this reddit post and the reddit post was the first result in my search engine:

I don't need KWallet and I don't know how to disable it, even after reading the post. I don't even know what it's good for. Is it to store credentials/passwords? I use another tool for that.

I'm now even more inclined to switch to some other distro like Manjaro

When or say they care about your privacy, it is the same as Sprite or Coca Cola saying their drinks will satisfy your thirst.

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