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Don't put people in a box 

It is already reserved for the cat. 📦 :cat_uwu:

Rust in Perspective - by linusw

If you want to know the future of programming languages, you should give this a read.

Really interesting and inspiring blog post about the history of programming languages and how with we finally have a language that combines computer science with software engineering. ✨

You have 80,000 hours in your career.

This makes it your best opportunity to have a positive impact on the world.

The Dhall configuration language - Maintainable configuration files

Wow, this looks awesome! 😍

There is also a crate:

Wait, what!?

trustfall - How to Query (Almost) Everything

A new, datasource-agnostic way to connect and query datasets

In their README they show a query that goes like: "Which GitHub Actions are used in projects on the front page of HackerNews with >=10 points?"

There is also a 10 MIn. video showing the general architecture:

Absolutely mindblowing! 🤯

GitHub CoPilot? More like GitHub CrashPilot, I guess...

Asleep at the Keyboard? Assessing the Security of GitHub Copilot’s Code Contributions:

"In total, we produce 89 different scenarios for Copilot to complete, producing 1,689 programs. Of these, we found approximately 40 % to be vulnerable."

Here we go:

is now hosted on GitHub 🎉

Roc is a functional systems language, mainly developed by Richard Feldman and NoRedInk.

Beware: it is not 0.1 yet, so _very_ experimental.

I really like your nuanced views here - really makes me think. Thank you.🙂 ❤️

> Maybe I am misunderstanding your statement, perhaps you mean can we please stop commercially developing and supporting the development of unsafe playgrounds.

Yes this! 💯

> Can we please stop tricking noobs [...]

Oh yes absolutely! I now understand what you mean by your prev statement "Kids need safer playgrounds":

It's the defaults that matter.

But you should always have the possibility to overwrite them.

Pagefind is a fully static search library that aims to perform well on large sites, while using as little of your users’ bandwidth as possible, and without hosting any infrastructure.

Written in

We have to position Rust differently.

I often here: "yeah, it's very fast, but we have no performance issues".

It's not about that!

You might not have performance issues, but you most likely have correctness issues.

helps you write correct software - this should be the main argument. Safety and performance come with it for free.

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Do you want to write correct software that Just Works™? Then use !

And on top of that, it is also secure and blazingly fast!

What else are you looking for?

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