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We have the year 2021 and 20.4 keeps loosing my connection. Only when I turn my router to 100% signal strength, it works.

18.04 could handle WiFi signal strength as low as 12%.

So it is not even that they couldn't do it. This is called a regression. Software/firmware should improve with updates not get worse.

And people are still wondering why not everybody is using .

"It is so easy...", "It works way better than Win...".

Linux is still a server OS, not a desktop OS. Period!

Async overloading - Yoshua Wuyts:

"[...][W]e should make sure we've properly investigated async overloading before we make any changes to the stdlib which would be incompatible with it."


Please, Rust community, we need this, so don't rush things. This will probably be one of Rust's most important design decisions in the near future!

typesense - Fast, typo tolerant, fuzzy search engine for building delightful search experiences. ⚡ ✨ An Open Source alternative to Algolia and an Easier-to-Use alternative to ElasticSearch.

I've always known that the community has , but this is next level:

"Calling `next` this way gets repetitive. Rust has a construct which can call `next` on your iterator, until it reaches None. Let’s go over that next." - from std docs on "Implementing iterator":


Whoa, the next version is already the intended version for the 2021 edition! :blobaww: 🦀

One Hundred Thousand Lines of - a blog series about lessons learned maintaining medium-sized Rust projects by matklad

Don't do the following in your :

When you get asked to perform a certain action, there is often an additional checkbox saying:
"Always do the chosen option in the future"

Instead, provide the following checkbox:
"Always do the choosen option for
- the duration of this session
- this day
- this week
- ..."

It's about the details, people!

Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass der von mir gefixt wird:


Schlauch vs. Jan: 1:1...
äh...tatsächlich schon 2:2😄

☺️ 🚴

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Instead of using
//! my first line
//! my second line
//! my third line
for crate-level documentation, do this:
my first line
my second line
my third line

☺️ 😌

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Use the following to include your README in your `doctest`s (so that your examples in your README are also executed).

#[doc = include_str!("../")]
pub struct ReadmeDoctests;

See here:

The Beauty of Bézier Curves - by Freya Holmér:
(or YT:

This is an absolute masterpiece! So beautifully animated and explained. Just wow!😍

Oh, and before someone jumps in:
I know that Zig's `null` seems pretty safe, but it's `undefined` seems not.😬 😬

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