When or say they care about your privacy, it is the same as Sprite or Coca Cola saying their drinks will satisfy your thirst.

Regarding the recent case:

It is now hopefully obvious why is so keen on implementing "On-Device machine learning".

Hint: It is not for protecting your

We protect your data and never share it with anyone...

...but we sell and share everything that can be derived from it.

When you have to advertise "privacy protection" as a feature in your product, you know that there is something wrong with our society.

Imagine a world where, everytime your makes a connection to send your personal data to some foreign company, your smartphone makes a "beep" sound.

Guess, how many people would then still accept these devices in their pocket.

Lol, yes, I think "this branch has conflicts that must be resolved" couldn't be more true, looking at the PR discussion...πŸ˜„
(from this Github thread: github.com/audacity/audacity/p)

Schools should really teach students on how to not be manipulated by social media, algorithms or advertisement.

This deserves it's own subject!

would crumble in an instant.

Do you want to see, how people with different interests see their ?

Have a look here:

We need to have a choice of whether we want to have recommendations or not and if yes, of which topics.

The current state is sheer ! This is unacceptable!

You know the web is broken, if a product's highlight is "tracking protection".

We have deserved better:

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