now has almost 66,666 stars on 🎉

Come on little crabbies, we can do it!🦀


Commit 48e91bc

Oops, turns out you can now diff 1 million rows of in only 400ms.🚀

All I had to do was to use ahash::AHashMap instead of std HashMap. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Commit 487efd1

Where did we leave off? Oh, right...might we even be able to...

...CROSS THE 500ms mark!?😱


Next toot will be the official release. Stay tuned.😉

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Commit 150b7c8

...and we keep improving!
Now down to ~700ms. That's another 12% faster!

Hm...might we even be able to...

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Commit 9d1d7ae

Hell yeah! More than twice as fast! And we are now talking milliseconds, not seconds anymore.
But this is Rust - can we get even faster?
Wait until tomorrow...😏

nighty night 👋

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Commit e96349f

Yeah...there were times, were I _really_ struggled...

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Wow, now has 60k stars on .🎉

Have a look at this graph:

It almost looks like exponential growth!😍 🦀

Leckere Nüsse 

Kuck mal, @guenther, habe eben ein paar Nüsse verspeist. Lecker!😋

Lol, yes, I think "this branch has conflicts that must be resolved" couldn't be more true, looking at the PR discussion...😄
(from this Github thread:

These are some gnarly . 🤨
The `for<'a>` is called a Higher-Ranked Trait Bound (HRTB) and is important when you are dealing with `Fn`'s and references in Trait bounds:

Did you know that you can choose between a lot of different themes in the web client of ? Just go to your profile -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Site theme.

The following is the theme ArkDark. I really like it!❤️

doesn't only have a technically excellent documentation, it is also full of humor 😄:

Have you already seen that hit the 50k mark regarding stars on Github? 🎉

Did you know that the over at Integer32 provides the top 100 crates for you to directly use in the playground? How cool is that!?

For example, try out , a data-parallelism library for Rust:

"It's a select, it's a query...wait, no, it's *selecuery*!":
A transpiler for select statements in X++, written in . It can transform your select statements in X++ into query expressions!🎉 Frontend in is in the works.🤗 Will be open source soonish.😉
(X++ is the main language in FinOps - which probably nobody here has ever heard of 😅)

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