It is so amazing what has achieved:

Back in 2013 asm.js, which has now evolved into - one of the most relevant technologies for computing in the future.

2015, what has started as a research project by Graydon Hoare, the programming language, which will define how we will develop software in the future.

I think people don't appreciate this enough.

@janriemer I completely agree, and are using #Firefox for this reason. It is the last web browser engine that is not google or apple, and I really worry about the future of the web without it. Why have W3C and standards if pushing to chromium is all that is needed.

My message to the world: Please support the future of the web and use a non-webkit browser.

#ThankYouMozilla I don't use rust and don't have any plans to either.

but it's nice that these things exist, it keeps potential options plentiful.

@janriemer it's true! Mozilla has made great things. But they're also way short of their potential, especially nowadays.

@JoYo @mastodon Well, I think this is a good thing.

It's all about focus. Don't do all the things - do the right things and do them really well.

Otherwise you'll just fail.

@janriemer @JoYo yeah well they're also not focusing at the same time, lole

webxr was/is kinda the only way I'm aware of to get VR experiences into proprietary ecosystems like Oculus I'm aware of so it's actually kind of a cool project, but yeah ... The browser is suffering. Largely due to mismanagement though, I'd say.

@janriemer I like Rust but my impression of web assembly is it's a fad that passed. I'm a web developer by trade and I haven't heard anyone mention it in like 2 years

@Yujiri WebAssembly will be very relevant in the future.

It won't be primarily used in the browser, but rather:
- replace Docker
- will be run on servers
- will provide a plugin ecosystem, where you can just take a package and use it, no matter in what language it is written in

Just watch this:
(or YT:

@janriemer @silwol
Didn't they recently lay off the Rust team?
I feel like in the last years most of their "innovation" has been in worsening the Firefox UI

@Doomed_Daniel Yes, unfortunately they did.😔

And I also agree about the UI: they have _removed_ the icons in the menu that were positioned next to the button labels.

I mean, _why_? Studies have shown that a menu is most intuitive, when you have an icon and text alongside each other.

Basic psychology...

They just set the wrong priorities IMO.

Why not creating a beautiful place for bookmarks, where you can full-text search etc?

I don't get it.


@janriemer and everything is so flat (tabs don't even look like tabs) and the scrollbar has been a mutating disaster.. on my Linux system it doesn't use the Gtk scrollbar (anymore, IIRC?), but they made the handle light grey on even lighter grey and made it thinner and now they're even hiding it and apart from the hiding (which has an option in preferences) it can only be fixed with (ever-changing) options in about:config and (for the colors) addons..

@janriemer and what's even the point of all that? This is the fscking desktop version, people have widescreen displays, no website is lacking horizontal space (on the other hand, on many pages with endless scrolling and such a easily visible and clickable scrollbar handle is extremely useful) - there is no point at all in making the scrollbar thinner and even disappear - is that some kind of Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahme (job-creation scheme) for bored UI designers?!

@janriemer (This shit frustrates me - I've been using Firefox since it was called Phoenix, and I still use it, but the ongoing pessimization of the UI and the recent-ish layoffs of important departments etc make it really hard to love them 😕)

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer This is a tell that #a11y should be taken into account on _every_ level; #branding #design #ux #frontend #backend

There is no excuse

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer

As I understand it, the thinner, disappearing scrollbar *is* the GTK scrollbar. I see the same behaviour in Nautilus, for example.

@VincentTunru @janriemer I don't think so - it might emulate some standard Gtk theme, but on my system (with my theme) Gtk (2 and 3) applications have normal scrollbars

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer I'm guessing that it's GTK 4 and/or libadwaita. Here's my Nautilus - as you can see, same as in Firefox.

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer That explains why you're not seeing it. Does mean that Firefox is just adopting GTK's scrollbar style though, which I think is totally sensible.

@VincentTunru @janriemer If you change your GTK theme, does the look in Firefox change?
Or do they just emulate GTK4 Adwaita's look, assuming that everyone on Linux uses Gnome with the standard theme? (I'm using XFCE, I'm currently on XUbuntu 22.04)

Using TorBrowser and we have scrollbar.

Using a fork of Firefox without #wasm is also positively joyful.

@Doomed_Daniel @janriemer

@dsfgs Yes, Tor Browser is based on Firefox Extended Stable Release. Once the next Firefox ESR is released, Tor Browser will get the new GTK scrollbars as well.

We often find ourselves having to control our … distaste *clears throat* of #GNOME processes, choices etc.

Why they cannot simply remain on the screen in a semi transparent, thinner form is a mystery to us.

We can guess it has something to do with turning computers into semi-useless communication appliances.


@Doomed_Daniel @VincentTunru @janriemer Firefox is totally using GTK so display scrollbars, and is following GTK behavior and settings in that regards. Disappearing scrollbars can also be disabled in about:config or via a setting:

screenshot of the setting (not checked if that’s on stable as well, I’m not on my computer right now):
about:config setting:

@melunaka Oh, interesting! Thank you for sharing the articles.🙂

@janriemer a couple of years into using Rust the big picture keeps looking better and better from this vantage. I believe in time Rust will be seen as Mozilla's most lasting contribution to the world.

@jeang3nie Yes, absolutely agree. Let's hope it was not it's last contribution.

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