We have the year 2021 and 20.4 keeps loosing my connection. Only when I turn my router to 100% signal strength, it works.

18.04 could handle WiFi signal strength as low as 12%.

So it is not even that they couldn't do it. This is called a regression. Software/firmware should improve with updates not get worse.

And people are still wondering why not everybody is using .

"It is so easy...", "It works way better than Win...".

Linux is still a server OS, not a desktop OS. Period!

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@janriemer Ubuntu is making some bad decisions lately and I would no longer recommend it (even) for (new) Linux desktop users


@janriemer Maybe try Arch or Manjaro? ArchWiki is incredible and has instructions on WiFi (that should work, if not can be fixed in possibly days) here:

Arch is a bit tricky to install depending on experience with all of the pieces of a functioning Linux system, but Manjaro ships an installer similar to Ubuntu or other distros.

Ubuntu should be mature enough to avoid regressions like this but maybe more importantly it should have some way to quickly ship a fix.


@Wingy Thank you for the suggestions. Arch seems a bit too complicated for me, but I definitely have my eyes on Manjaro.🙂

Do you know where I can report this bug to Ubuntu?

Sorry for the late reply.🙈


@janriemer It'd probably be the launchpad for the relevant wifi package, so whatever driver you're using for the system? is the general bug tracker but you'll need to find the correct package :(


@Wingy Oh, thank you! Yeah, finding out the model of the wifi card shouldn't be a problem, but how do I know, which package the driver is in?

Anyway, I'll find out somehow. Thank you for the link.🤗


@janriemer try sudo apt list --installed and looking for something related? I'm not very experienced here, sorry


@Wingy Oh, cool, I didn't know about that!😮

No worries, you already helped me a lot! Thank you.🤗


@janriemer I’m more apt to blame my router than Linux at this point. Not sure what problem you’re rubbing into, but it’s not universal.


@IslandUsurper Hm...I can definitely rule my router out, because with 18.04. it has worked flawlessly. And on Windows I *never* have problems.

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