Use the following to include your README in your `doctest`s (so that your examples in your README are also executed).

#[doc = include_str!("../")]
pub struct ReadmeDoctests;

See here:


Instead of using
//! my first line
//! my second line
//! my third line
for crate-level documentation, do this:
my first line
my second line
my third line

☺️ 😌

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@janriemer I thought single-line comments were preferred in general in Rust.

@josias Oh, thanks, I didn't know that.
I use the multi-line form in this case, because VS Code with rust-analyzer doesn't autocomplete the comment marker (//!) when inserting a new line.🙄

With struct-method-level comments (///) it works (I think?), so in this case I use single-line comments, just not for //!
(maybe I should create an issue? :rust_thinking:)

BurntSushi also does multi-line comments with //!, so can it be wrong?😄
See here:

@janriemer They both exist, so it makes sense to use the right one for the right situation. I just thought I read somewhere that single-line comments were preferred. I can't find anything authoritative on it. I think it's just a convention.

@josias Yes, you are probably right that they are prefered, because I've seen them in many other popular crates as well.👍

I wonder, what's the reason behind it, though.🤨

IMO, multi-line-comments are far easier to write than single-line-comments, when you have an essay of text - I mean, it is literally in the name ("multi-line").

@janriemer I know Zig doesn't have multi-line comments because they want the language to have context-free grammar. You can also tell if a section is commented or not based on the beginning of the line instead of having to find the opening and closing comment indicators. (which of course isn't a big deal when you use syntax highlighting)

@josias Oh, interesting that Zig doesn't have them.
Yes, regarding recognizability of comments, single-line comments are probably better, especially for visually impaired people, where syntax highlighting won't help.

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to respond here.😊

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