@ashwinvis I don't want to learn a whole new scripting language.😅
But you are probably right, it is the only reasonable tool we have, because everything in bash is string-based and not structured.

_Structured_ shells like Powershell and nushell are really interesting IMO.
See here:

Cool. Yes I think awk is the universal tool to regex match string inputs and do something with it. Regex is limited of course.

If you dont want to learn another language you cam try xon.sh. You can mix shell commands and Python code seamlessly. And with Python 3.10 we get structured pattern matching (python.org/dev/peps/pep-0636/).

@ashwinvis Wow, that looks really cool, thanks!🙂

Unfortunately, I don't know Python (yet), so I _would_ have to learn another language.😅
But kidding aside: very interesting that they plan to implement pattern matching.😮

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