Regarding the recent case:

It is now hopefully obvious why is so keen on implementing "On-Device machine learning".

Hint: It is not for protecting your

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@janriemer i haven't read about it, but i know that #Google has made their own SOC a la #Apple that pretty much has their own version of the nvidia tensor cores.

It sounds like they want to do that to process your info from the device, to send it to the google servers already processed. But i don't know.

@lorabe Yes, you are absolutely right.

They can use it to analyze what happens on your phone (text, voice etc.) and then send the _derived_ data to their servers. Why doing all the analysis on Google servers, if they can happen on people's devices at no cost for Google?

It also makes it much harder for security researchers to know what is actually sending "back home".

@janriemer i am not surprised, just grossed out by the idea.

My phone was stolen recently, not buying an android device anymore.

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