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Do you want to know what developing without unit tests is like?
Open your shoelaces, close your eyes and run as fast as you can...🏃

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Looking to migrate away from Google but still looking for free/affordable replacements without the hassle of hosting them yourself?

There are many choices, take your pick:)

Feel free to add to this list if I've missed any good ones:)


#framasoft #disroot #nextcloud #email #foss #trom #gafam #fuckgoogle

Very interesting interview with Prof. Sabine Pfeiffer about , and :

Interview is in german with english subtitles.

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I'm not stoked by Mozilla having to do this either, but I also think you're doing them a major disservice by measuring them with this yard stick.

They only really have Firefox for making money and by their (/ their mother's) non-profit status, they are legally bound to reinvest any money they make into their mission statement, of which most goes back into Firefox.

So, those ads that you see there are just the manifestation of the costs of developing a modern web browser.

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Anyone can make music. Anyone can learn to make music better than they do, use new music-making tools, etc. — it's mostly about access, time, and the discipline of practice. Whether you can make a living from music doesn't necessarily track with how skilled you are. Professionals are people who get to practice every day, and so chances are their music will be higher-quality than non-professionals

But anyone can make music. And making music for your own joy, or for people close to you, is fine even if it isn't professional-quality. Professional music isn't "more real" or even "more valuable"; but also you can learn a lot from professionals and some things really require their skills and experience

There are outliers, of course

Now replace "code" for "music" there and it all remains true. This industry needs to stop pretending amateur programming is less valuable or less important. We can still value what skill and experience bring to the table without shitting on amateur coders

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Did you know that SecureDrop is an open source project managed by a nonprofit organization, Freedom of the Press Foundation ( Your donations help us to make SecureDrop better & to bring it to more organizations:

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If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

(Skip the first two minutes it you don’t want to hear my Vimeo rant as they had me scrambling at the last minute to set up a new stream. Not sure if it’s busted on Firefox on Linux or what.)

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I'm a big fan of Svelte (as you may have noticed 😃) so when the creator of 's comment on my barely functional proof of concept is "nice!", forgive me for sharing his Tweet:

And doing the little dance! 🕺

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Kid wants to learn animation. He's used Wick, but it can't do everything he wants to do, and he's used up a trial of Adobe Animate.

I don't want to support Adobe's Creative Cloud keep-paying-every-month-forever subscription model.

Question for the fediverse: What animation drawing programs have you used? Which ones have you found to be easy to learn, capable, reasonably priced, etc?

We've looked at some of the other programs here, but I'm hoping for more context:

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Es ist unredlich, die Forderung nach Hintertüren in sicherer Ende-zu-Ende Verschlüsselung mit dem Gewaltpotential von Verschwörungsideologen zu begründen. Oft wird in öffentlichen Gruppen oder gar im Livestream gehetzt. Behörden könnten da problemlos jetzt schon mitlesen.

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Current impossible CSS problem: I want a non-wrapping line with text-overflow:ellipsis applied only on a part of the line, i.e.:

<span>Prefix <span>this part should be truncated if the line would otherwise wrap</span> postfix.</span>

Would render as:

Prefix this part should… postfix.

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I think I finally found the way I wanted to use bat:

alias cat 'bat --paging=never'
alias less 'bat --paging=always'

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Ever solve a programming problem and think to yourself?
"This was way too easy. Something is wrong!" 🤔️

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Alle Weihnachtsgeschenke bei Amazon bestellen? Würde ich nicht empfehlen! Amazon ist neben Google & Facebook einer der größten Datensammler. Es gab außerdem zahlreiche Skandale wegen Überwachung von Angestellten. Darüber habe ich mit gesprochen.

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I wonder what year JSON will finally replace HTML and CSS as the serialization format of the browser DOM

Since all HTML is written by machines now anyway, I see no reason why this won't happen.

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Böse Zungen fordern, man solle nur noch mit CWA den ÖPNV nutzen und einkaufen dürfen.

Richtig ist: Die Besitzer aktueller Smartphones sind in Deutschland nicht die einzigen Bürger, die ihre Grundrechten ausüben dürfen.

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the #programming language #rust | #rustlang gets an increasing userbase in the #science community. So much in fact, that even the journal #nature has published an article on the topic:

it's quite a natural fit, since scientists aren't the best coders. So while rust has a steep learning curve, you can still get results with speeds of C/C++ comparably fast without living in fear of segfaults (that is if the right libraries are available).

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