A study on the use of acronyms in scientific papers:


Well worth your time.

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every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it badly

Rebuilt my home server using and . Blog here, with Osaka pictures: janneinosaka.blogspot.com/2019

Highlight: Snaps work great for server stuff; and Nextcloud is now the single thing I need to do most anything I wanted with the server.


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Knee pain (pfps) when running lately. Will need to drop my weekly distance I think, as well as increase strength training. Shame; it's the perfect season for running :(

Stardew Valley has been released for Android!

Let's have a silent minute in memory of my dear departed productivity for the next couple of months.

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Passing `-x` to the df command can hide all those snap and tmpfs mounts....ahhhh thats better.

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RT @FogleBird@birdsite.link
1. Take a snapshot of the Nintendo RAM every frame (60fps).
2. Plot each address in memory as a sparkline.


In Tokyo this weekend to renew my passport. Sweden makes it really expensive and inconvenient. Need to fly from Okinawa to apply in person - weekday mornings only - then return again in 3-4 weeks to pick it up. They don't send it by post; you can only get it at the embassy or a consulate.

But we were lucky with the weather - sunny and 15-23 degrees all weekend long. And a weekend in Tokyo is never a bad thing.

Passed JLPT N1. Happy, but: now how do I motivate myself to study going forward?

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So I look at the Steam page, and the Euro Truck Simulator bundle is 75% off, and all available for Linux. So of course I buy it. I'm a weak, weak person...

But I bet I'll have a lot of fun hauling cargo across Europe for the next couple of months!

Bohemian Rapsody: As a movie it's pretty cookie-cutter drama fare. Competent but nothing special.

But: All the music is original Queen. So if you go to a good, modern movie theater, you get more than an hour of their very best music, piped through the most high-end sound system you are ever likely to experience. That's more than worth the price of admission no matter what the movie itself is like.

A 27:45 5K run yesterday. It might even have been a bit longer than 5K, due to GPS being only marginally better than navigating by the stars in high-density urban areas.

Oh, and I ran that fast because it was 4°C, and a cold drizzling rain. I wanted to get it over with. :)

How fucked-up is the net these days? Wannabe YouTube celebs post fake sponsored content in order to look more popular, that's how fucked-up the net is.


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