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kind of incredible the % of teams that don’t have a system in place to visualize their continuous improvement efforts

“Work” is documented to the Nth extreme though.

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Incredible typography and attention to detail on this web reproduction of Byrne's 1847 edition of Euclid's Elements. It's even responsive. Raises the bar for what's possible on the web. c82.net/euclid/

Plus how it was made: c82.net/blog/?id=79

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Data is not the new gold, data is the new uranium.

Sometimes you can make money from it, but it can be radioactive, it's dangerous to store, has military uses, you generally don't want to concentrate it too much, and it's regulated.

Why keep uranium you don't need?

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Want to catch up on failure stories over the weekend? 🌟🏆📚There is so much learning to be had here ➡️ k8s.af

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@nateberkopec@twitter.com When we rewrote Capistrano in 2013 it dropped from nearly 5KLOC to 700 for the core, the biggest win was adopting the Rake DSL (also small) rather than having our own home-baked one. Even adding back functionality as plugins, we're still much smaller and lighter.

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Cars nowadays send lots of data to the manufacturer through a cellular data connection. A proposal in MA would require manufacturers to give users access to that data... but it would be through a nonfree app. Yuck! u.fsf.org/2wa

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@EmilyKager@twitter.com @mozilla@twitter.com Every single time someone that's non-tech, talks about online privacy and its importance, it's a win for society.

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« ASF codebase is conservatively valued at least $20B, using the COCOMO 2 model; »
I wonder what's the real market value of @TheASF@twitter.com

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Last week @GitHub@twitter.com announced it's CI/CD offering based on Microsoft's @AzureDevOps@twitter.com. It marks a very interesting point in GitHub's history. Thread 👇

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A mathematical coincidence

A cubic mile is close to 4π/3 cubic kilometers (within 1%), which means that a cube with sides length 1 mi has almost the same volume as a sphere of radius 1 km

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Richard Stallman is the Codefather

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I'm leaving @allegrotech@twitter.com with the end of August. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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$100k — SSH/GPG 👈

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Our nano-sized security key, Somu, is on CrowdSupply. Back our first manufacturing run today! crowdsupply.com/solokeys/somu#

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Our nano-sized security key, Somu, is on CrowdSupply. Back our first manufacturing run today! crowdsupply.com/solokeys/somu#

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Paged Out! #1 is out! (and it's free to download!)
There are 57 articles in 12 categories:
Reverse Engineering
File Formats
OS Internals
Enjoy! !

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Whenever I am working on policy decisions I think of this image... 🚴‍♂️

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I woke up in a cold sweat last night to create this content. I present: the Email Sign-off Alignment

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Yep, in Germany we have public advertisements advising people to not put their PIN next to their card on a post-it.

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All of our conference rooms are booked. All. The. Time.

Time to stick a fork in it. Open office plans are a broken concept.

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