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And most importantly: it was and is /#OpenSource! Thank you, @mozilla@twitter.com @firefox@twitter.com twitter.com/changelog/status/1

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Web Bundles ...

... a new web infrastructure that will allow you to distribute your content faster across any format, even if the user is offline. It's now available behind an experimental flag. Try it out!

β†’ goo.gle/2q5JXYq

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I hope RFID becomes a standard of airline luggage taging to prevent lost luggage

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RFID helped LPP reduce inventory time from 15 to 3 hours

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Incrementing variables in for-loops

- overused
- nonsensical
- imbalanced

- hipster
- expressive
- symmetric

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Without full-device encryption, a thief can do pretty much anything they want to your phone bit.ly/2PVUwbi

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There's testing in production and there's straight up printing "lorem ipsum" on a door to a Polish bank in 2019

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Hey, gophers!

Would you like to speak at the devroom at @fosdem@twitter.com 2020?
This is your chance! πŸŽ‰

As always, we're looking to increase the in our lineup while keeping the selection process blind - so we just need your awesome proposals ❀️


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After more than half a year of work, check out our latest paper Light Commands: Laser-Based Audio Injection on Voice-Controllable Systems. More details at lightcommands.com
Joint work with Takeshi Sugawara, Benjamin Cyr, Daniel Genkin, and @DrKevinFu@twitter.com

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Future-proof API: just use void*/Object/interface{} as a function/method argument, just like WinAPI does

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Future Ready Enterprise Systems buff.ly/2pyaqgH

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I've always been fascinated by space and I'm proud that @mesosphere@twitter.com technologies support @NASA@twitter.com's mission. πŸš€ twitter.com/D2iQ/status/109430

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I love this technique so much. It's a positive use of Murphy's law. I use it on workshops to show how small changes in architecture influence SLA a lot
"the premortem operates on the assumption that the 'patient' has died, and so asks what did go wrong"

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Just finished Hackers and Painters by @paulg@twitter.com and I feel like I need to give Lisp second chance paulgraham.com/icad.html

Great review what agile is and what's not: β€žYou are not doing agile without tests”

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Back to Agile's Basics. The Changelog people ask me about Clean Agile. changelog.com/podcast/367

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Four years after 1.0 we're proud to release DC/OS 2.0! Multi-Tenant Support, Node Draining, and Windows support are just a few of the highlights. Check it out: d2iq.com/blog/introducing-dc-o

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Really love when people send me even tiny keyboard photos and observations. I appreciate each and every one of those!


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"Hey, let's take a system designed explicitly to be a distributed one and squeeze it through a single point of control/failure!"

(Yes, I know the situation in Spain is not about git and its distributed nature itself, but the principle is > 0% related.)


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Have you ever imagine that @facebook@twitter.com is crawling links in your pdf files when you are sending them via messenger?

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It's interesting that Go GC improved so much in recent years that we will not create bigcache again

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"How BigCache avoids expensive GC cycles and speeds up concurrent access in Go" by Douglas Makey Mendez Molero dev.to/douglasmakey/how-bigcac

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