Our first and only priority should be the safe reopening of schools in the fall. Sadly, we have a completely feckless and malevolent federal government that will likely prevent that from happening.

The Ayn Rand Institute receiving a government bailout is what the concept of irony was invented for. reuters.com/article/us-health-

If you’re in Pittsburgh and would like an account on pgh.social, message me: @jamie.

Hey y’all. I’m moving over to @jamie. Find me over there!

I see that a lot of people are considering making their own personal Mastodon instance.

It’s a difficult decision with lots of pros and cons to consider.

So I thought I’d try and help out by making this easy to use, yet comprehensive flowchart.

Wanted: an independent service that verifies Mastodon user identities across the federated network.

The iCloud HI team is looking to hire a senior product designer to help envision and design the future of Apple ID. The requisition is posted here:


Open Mastodon questions:

* What’s to stop impersonation? Seems easy to grab my avatar and pop it on a schwa@someinstance and pretend to be me…

* How is Mastodon’s abuse control different/better/worse than twitter’s?

* How healthy is Mastodon development? Will it go the way of app.net at some point?

Day #71 (ish). 224.7lbs. Down ~30lbs from peak @schwa

(Probably should set up a bot or something now that it’s doable in a safe manner here)

This is an excellent book on the last decade of worldwide cyberwar escalation. Highly recommend!

I don’t understand why the tomatoes in Italy are so much better than the ones in the U.S., but it’s true.

I’m seeing a bunch of spam in the “introductions” hashtag. Is this something the community is prepared to deal with? Seems ripe for abuse.

Today I went to sign up on mastodon.technology and then 1Password told me I’d already signed up in April 2017. 😂

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