Trying out again, after a long hiatus. It's much better than it was last time I checked.

Trying it out for and development. Any tips from the pros out there?

I still fight the fight to use a single space instead of two at the end of a sentence. ๐Ÿ‘Š

It costs nearly $8k USD to mine a bitcoin. The hash rate keeps going up.

This Oatmeal strip is brilliant and very relevant in today's age. Takes a while to go through it, but... Just Do It.

Own shares in or other top tech company? Inventory levels indicate over-production - not easily fixed as bulk pre-orders of materials are done well in advance I'm sure.

I repeat: Google AMP can Get In The Sea. Itโ€™s the wrong solution to every problem it claims to solve.
Ugh. Google AMP is now โ€œimproving the performance of mobile content and advertisingโ€ by jamming ads *into* photos.

Saw somewhere that Facebook is/was down. The fact that I didn't even bother to try loading it up demonstrates how little I care.

Social is really sucking.

I don't mind auto posting from Twitter to that much, unless it's auto generated: like 'untapped' tweets.

Hiring and developers in Austin, TX if anyone knows anyone! Boosts appreciated.

I don't understand watching other people play videogames. As in style.

Is it possible to remove (or other animal hastags) from my timeline? Looking to find more signal, less noise.

Can I pin a column that has the combined results of both and (for example - basically multiple hashtags)?

I dislike horizontal scrolling.

I now find it very funny/strange that people follow companies like Apple like cultists. Worship their latest products. Pony up thousands to get 'it', when it's not a need, just a want. Fashion is similar.

I fall into the trap occasionally in a hypocritical fashion, I'll admit.

I think it's weird that anyone's block list is anyone else's business. I've blocked people because I didn't like their profile photo, or because they reminded me of the kid who hit me in the 8th grade, or because they're a family member and I wanted to keep those worlds separate. And I'm sure I've been blocked for similarly capricious reasons. Who cares? Blocking is just someone managing their inputs. It has nothing to do with you. Move on.

So, I'd like to make a suggestion for today. First off, I think the discussion about complaints, moderation, fediverse, etc. by folks here on :mastodon: Tech have been useful and civil. This is how you find solutions and make the place better. So here is the suggestion... Take the time today to post something going well... Take the time to point out someone in the fediverse who you thinks others should know... Take the time to comment on a industry technical issue today. โ˜ฎ:mastodon: :awoo:

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