btw, neofetch seems to get the nix-user packages number mixed up with the nix-system one.

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It doesn't matter how fast and powerful a computer is, if the operating system is shit, the computer is shit.

Thanks for exemplifying your entire existence, how not to build operating systems.

javascript: where you can't ever be sure that 2+2 will always and forever be 4.

there's an uncomfortable truth that we linux people need to acknowledge.

even with the decades-overdue name change, glimpse has absolutely ATROCIOUS ux...

it seems to obey the rule of "make simple things difficult, some difficult things trivial, normal things impossible".

like why is "crop and re-save" a 10-stop process? it's the #1 thing people do with photos.

why is "auto levels" hidden, and why is it completely un-tunable?

"i-if we tear down statues we'll forget history!!!"

oh okay then why not put up statues of the folks who did great work during those times, especially poc

"wait no don't"

Making a character sheet should not be like doing taxes ffs

‪Programmers act like they are geniuses using AI to solve the worlds problems when 99% of them are over engineering a webpage that acts as a UI for editing a database entry.‬

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

At sixteen, Ayala was just beginning to learn about social movements when Austin police shot him in the head with a ”less-lethal” weapon, causing brain damage.

Protesting friends. If you need a messenger that works without WiFi or cell signal, add bridgefy before you go out. It creates a mesh network of all other Bridgefy users within 330 ft of you, and 330 ft of them, so you can message other Bridgefy users over long distances, even when the normal networks are being messed with.

Firechat used to be my go to for this, but it's gone away now. Bridgefy works on Android and iOS. Get it before you head out to protest.

I can't be the only person asking this: if tear gas and rubber bullets are no big deal, it'd be like no issue if protestors start using it to keep crowds of unruly police officers under control, right?

When I learned C I was so euphoric and happy. Each time I need to do something in javascript I am just so lazy about it. I don't feel like I should.

A very good rule of negotiation is to keep asking questions. People are ready and willing to tell you who they are.

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