I've always been disappointed that 'makeup' is kinda' boring and doesn't involve drawing neat fractal designs all over oneself.

Has anyone's team ever used Glitch to work on (small) web projects? I feel like it's a perfect way to do some remote pair programming, especially since you can actually use it with VScode.


Ahahahahaha Zoom thinks that 90 days is enough time to sort out their security holes


(I'm not allowing their shitty software to come near my computers)

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:


is the dude on quaker oats like a past president or

my rice has become my quarantine hobby and now i wanna change it constantly pls send hlp

lol moscow government introduced a "social monitoring" app that generates a qr code you should show to the authorities so they determine if you follow quarantine rules. of course it:
- requires every permission possible
- sends collected data over unencrypted http
- has no security, people on twitter posting generated qr codes for unlimited movement
- uses some SaaS from an estonian startup which has servers in germany for facial recognition, violating the law that data of russian users has to be stored in russia
- cost $3m to develop

lots of creepy privacy-invading, abusive, data-harvesting, location-tracking companies trying to show their bullshit visualizations off right now

lots of people lapping it up too

Looking back on this day, I can say that I was illegally bisexual.

Weird masto is good masto. I suck at it but keep it up, you strange beasts.

Mandate #OpenAccess #OpenScience #OpenKnowledge now! #FreeCulture #LibreContent #COVID19

The current race to find a vaccine for COVID-19 exemplifies why rapid and unrestricted access to scientific research and educational materials is vital in the most open terms possible.


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