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"Most forms of paying attention involve reading and listening, not talking. Caring about something and staying informed is not synonymous with public speech about it."

Went all over the house trying to find the source of an intermittent squeaky whistling sound. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

It was my nose.

I've either watched too much Breaking Bad or I'm trying to keep a healthy salt-water reef aquarium.

I'm so tired of troubleshooting everything all the time.

"...all I'm saying is that technology can't be responsible for only one kind of progress and wash its robot hands of the other." --Paul Ford.

Arc is the first browser implementation that lets me keep a bunch of tabs around while not feeling like I'm managing a bunch of tabs. I hate managing tabs. It's like they're not really tabs.

I’m running a custom Emacs config based on Crafted Emacs, which is quite minimal and easy to get one’s head around. Not really a "framework". More like "sensible defaults". It also means I’m continually frustrated by things not being as polished and complete as in Doom. I’m taking solace in the fact that I’m learning more "real Emacs" this way.

Still feeling the effects on day four of my COVID experience. It's down to just (bad) cold symptoms now. I mostly alternate between sleeping and complaining about everything.

Something I tend to forget is that BBEdit never ever crashes or otherwise misbehaves and it's never lost a single character in the 25+ years I've been using it.

Well somehow "Put hard drives to sleep when possible" got reset to "Always", which probably doesn't help.

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I have 2 (USB) drives plugged into my MBP via the CalDigit hub. Many times, when an app needs to access one of those drives, it can take up to 30 seconds before the app becomes responsive while the drive(s) grind away. Short of running Amphetamine, is there something else I can try?

Give a fella a macro lens and suddenly everything is fair game. e.g. the shutter button of a Polaroid SX-70

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