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I love shooting with Leica M cameras, but my eyes become increasingly disagreeable to the idea with every month that passes.

They: “So, tell me about your photographic work.”
Me: “Oh, it’s mostly just test images after getting new camera gear.”

I found a resume template in LaTeX that I liked, but the instructions called for first pulling down a Docker image and jesus christ how did we end up here.

A great thing about shooting Polaroid film is that once you've pressed the button, you're done with that photo. There's nothing left to do but grab a pen and write a caption on it, and even that's optional.

Have you any idea how many hours I've spent in pursuit of saving myself a handful of keystrokes?

It took me longer to summarize how I added search to my blog using Pagefind than it did to add search to my blog using Pagefind:

Pagefind seems like a great new option for implementing site search for SSGs. I added it to my Hugo blog in less than an hour. (/ht @BryceWrayTX)

So would you rather track the click in the email or have me read the article? 'Cause my network will block your tracker URL, and I can't be bothered to work around it. So you get neither.

I've casually converted to using Denote for my notes (from Org-roam). I really dig how simple it is. No dependencies.

I use a 32" 4k monitor attached to my (closed) MBP most of the time. I'm starting to think bigger screens are unproductive for me. Too much going on at once.

Rather than do anything useful today, I thought I'd run my 3 favorite typewriters side-by-side to see which I prefer. Tough call!

Scaachi, writer of what might be my favorite newsletter, nails my feelings about wireless earbuds:

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