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Complexity is OK as long as it’s hidden, remains hidden, and never fails. But how often does that happen?

I withdrew the Leica M10-R listing (again). It's the camera I want. Anything else would be a comprimise. I'll just have to learn to embrace/live with its limitations.

Aquarium update: 3 fish, 3 coral. Did first water change yesterday and I think it went ok. Lots to worry/think about when keeping a reef tank.

I recently switched to WordPress (again) for and I'm already regretting it (again). Plugins shouldn't be allowed to upsell in the control panel. "Full-site" editing is a janky nightmare. I'd rather not go back to static, though.

Every day I wake up and decide to do things the opposite of the way I decided to do them yesterday.

LinkedIn is a vacuous hellhole of self-aggrandizement and desperation and I just don’t think I can do it.

I can never decide if I want to be part of The Conversation or not.

I've given up on configuring my Emacs setup using Rational Emacs and gone back to Doom. I'd love to have my own custom config, but I'll never in a million years get close to the level of refinement that Doom offers. I'm better off just riding along with a "bloated", opinionated framework and spending time /using/ Emacs instead of playing with it.

I love this time of year when the tap water is just the right temperature.

I missed focus by a quarter mile, but I still like it. She's just enjoying the breeze.

Denote is stable and packaged (0.1.0). It's a great, simple option for taking notes in Emacs.

So far, Robert Greene's "The Daily Laws" reads more like a manual on How To Be an Asshole.

I hate that I'd like to try doing "Photography in the style of Midjourney"

Made a self-portrait using the little Instax camera and it might be the most accurate one yet.

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