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I like Hugo’s Page Bundles feature. It lets me keep all of the assets related to a post in one place.

Current blogging system. It’s all in this single Org-mode file.

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Hello all users:

I think I have started a new way of announcing major changes in ox-hugo by releasing frequently, with updated changelogs (thanks to the awesome `git-cliff` tool 🙇 ).

Check out release v0.10.0 of ox-hugo here: to see what's new in it (also check out the deprecation notice and changelog links in there -- let me know what you think of those 😃 ).

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I finally found a lever arch binder in US Letter size. Everything about it is better than our typical (in US) 3-ring binders. Why are they so hard to find here? (Without switching to A4 paper and annoying everyone around me, that is). Is there a petition I can sign?

At the time, I fancied myself the kind of person who simply must have a fancy case for their fountain pens. At the time.

Found my first fountain pen, the Waterman Philéas. It punches so far above its weight it embarrasses much more expensive pens. It’s not pretty, but I love the 2-tone art deco nib. Bought mine at Office Max at like 20 years ago.

The fanciest and most expensive iPhone case I’ve ever seen.
(Leica M3. 50mm Summilux on T-MAX P3200)

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone using both Org mode and Hugo that is the bee’s knees and makes static blogging a joy rather than a chore. Kaushal Modi has done some great work here.

Speaking of enlargers. A helpful seller on eBay was kind enough to part out the Focomat IIc parallelogram he was selling and sold me only the threaded helicoid receptacle. I now, finally, have the 100mm lens mounted and can make prints from 6x6 negs. I’m very happy about this.

I tested the big Beseler in the spare room with the bare minimum of fuss and it worked! The filter mechanism is a little janky, so have work to do, but the takeaway is that I can once again make prints from 4x5 negatives!

Creator: “Welcome to the channel, where we do such and such! Today’s video is about such and such and I’m pretty stoked, so let’s get right into it!”
::Break for unnecessary 45-second intro…::
Creator: “Alright! Hi Guys. Like I said, todays video is about such and such and….”

From one makeshift darkroom to another. The Beseler still works so I’m going to try printing some 4x5 negatives later. There’s no water in here, which is inconvenient, but it should be workable.

Gosh, the Technika is lovely. Shame it’s been unused for so long. Maybe I’ll fix that today.

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