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I know there’s a new Kansas record but I prefer old Kansas. Especially very old Kansas like “Song for America” from 1975.

Updated my iPhone SE OG post. Short version is that I loved it, but ran into dead ends without my full suite of apps and went back to X. The X lasted 2 days and I’m back with the SE (again). I prefer SE to handle/use. Wild!

I’m very surprised that I, so far, am not at all annoyed by the iOS-ification of macOS in Big Sur. I wanted to hate it, but I don’t, and it can stay on my lawn.

Film “presets” for Lightroom or Capture One do a decent job of emulating film emulsions. And while I do love film photos, it’s not their appearance that I like so much as the fact that they’re on film. It’s a physical artifact. No preset in the world can help me with that.

No big surprises in Big Sur so far, but I’m guessing there are a few lurking in the (rounded) corners. My first impression is that it’s…pleasant.

Me, every year: “No way I’m installing the beta again this year. Too much hassle”

Me also, every year: ::installs beta::

If only there were something I could do with cameras other than think about which new ones I’d like to try.

So far I’m not redirecting the older WordPress feed URL to the Blot one. Last time I redirected, I accidentally doubled every post. So for those interested, the new feed url is Now to figure out how to post an update to the old feed.

WordPress templates are an onslaught of desparate, “hero” image riddled, cookie-cutter, SEO-emphasized self-promotion. I miss my simple Blot theme. Question for the three of you who visit my blog… Which do you prefer: or ?

I love that brief moment when the rain noise stops while I’m driving under an overpass.

My Blot subscription ends next week. While I’ve moved away from Blot for my own blog, I’m going to renew for another year because I believe David has built a standout service, and I want to support it.

I love desks. No such thing as having too many! One day I’ll have a giant, antique rolltop with a million little drawers and compartments and I will sit there and tinker until I die.

Using the old, small iPhone SE has reminded me how nice it is to be able to control my phone entirely with one hand. I can reach everything without shifting my grip around or using both hands.

I see that AdGuard is available via SetApp. I used it before installing a Pi-Hole and it seemed to work very well.

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