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Between using Roam for notes and Hey for email, my world has gone all topsy-turvy on me.

I cannot remember the books I have read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.

-– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Somehow my “Light table” has become more of a “Snack table”. I have mixed feelings about it.

You know what? I give up. I’m going back to Chrome. I love Safari but it’s hobbled. And Firefox has too many things that don’t work with it. I’m exhausted from swimming upstream all the time. Guess I’ll just add whatever privacy protections make sense and live my life.

If your establishment does not enforce the use of facemasks, I will no longer be your customer.

My dad helped me stain our deck this weekend. At 79 he still paints circles around me.

I had lunch in Founder’s Taproom today. First time since early March. I was nervous but surprised by how safe it felt. There was a waitlist, so few patrons. Tables were ridiculously far apart and the wait staff only approached (masked) from extended tables. A taste of normalcy.

Well, Default Folder X is now included in SetApp so I no longer have an excuse not to install it. I used it for years, then stopped after I had trouble with it. I’m told it works great now, so I look forward to having it again.

One nice thing about Roam is that I can edit the backlinked content directly within the page it’s listed on. With Org-roam or Obsidian I have to open the linked file first. Minor, but important difference.

Flickr > Instagram whasamatter with everyone?

Our friends’ dog Buddy watching for something to bark at.

Fact is, I live in Emacs. Every time I try to move out I end up wandering around the neighborhood feeling lost and frustrated so always I run back home.

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