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It’s a little thing, but I look forward to reviewing a few highlights via Readwise each day. I’m 80 days in.

I make no excuses. I love “The Fifth Element”. It’s so weird and unique and fun. Chris Tucker ruined it for me the first time, but I’ve even come to appreciate his role. Milla is perfect. I named a dog Leeloo. I could watch the opera scene a thousand times.

I keep a JOBO in the bathtub. I’m fortunate that my very patient wife lets me get away with things like this.

Just look at the instructions for syncing audio on one of my grandpa’s movie club films. Things were harder back then.

Bare prints taped to the wall. If I waited until I framed them they’d never get hung.

How do you know which one you like best if you don’t try them all?

I’m not paying for Roam until there are native blockquote s. And no, convoluted hacks using hiccup don’t count. Oh yeah, and no data loss. I think that’s it :)

I’ve never really tried Linux on the (literal) desktop. It’s better with a bigger screen and a mouse. Also, the tiling windows in Pop!_OS 20.04 is nifty right out of the box. Now it’s got me thinking of buying/building a modern desktop with nice monitor. Hooboy.

I thought I’d lost my TWSBI pen in the move so I bought another. Today I found the original so now I have two and that’s cool.

I ran into this old screenshot of my blog from 2003 and it looks like I use to include the equivalent of a /Now page right in the sidebar. Hmmm.

Whenever I feel like complaining about my small-bathroom darkroom, I remember my first darkroom. It was in a “Michigan basement”, with dirt floors, and a low ceiling, lined with asbestos. I’ve got it pretty good now.

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