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A least favorite thing about Twitter is when is "Trending" and every tweet is then by people simply wondering why is trending.

Looks fun, from Postlight:

"Then what’s the business model? Who gives a shit!"

The new Leica Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH looks awesome. It better be, for $13,000.

Having TheBrain, Emacs, Roam, TiddlyWiki, and Tinderbox open at the same time all doing some version of the same thing is unsustainable.

What's this? A Safari browser extension for Bitwarden in Catalina. Then I clicked the link to find it just downloads the desktop app. I feel cheated.

I am determined to learn Clojure. And by "determined" I mean I might play with it a little and if it's too hard I'll quit.

I don't remember the last time I "clicked" with a new piece of software more quickly and fully than I have with Roam.

I'm calling the new 16" MBP the "There! happy now!?" model because I imagine Apple thinking that when releasing it. The answer, though, is yes.

I was 100% certain that the old Pepto-Bismol commercials said, "Coats, Soothes, Protects" but all I can find is "Coats, Soothes, Relieves" and now I doubt everything I know.

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