While going through my RSS feeds I ran into a post by someone who feels exactly how I do about something. I thought, “Cool!”. Then I realized I was reading my own feed.

My creative output is inversely proportional to the complexity of my process

The entire world is constantly trying to upsell me something and it’s exhausting.

@hjertnes Well I have an X100T sitting on a shelf if you decide on one. Shipping would probably cost a fortune, though.

@svenseebeck Ah crap, I always forget about the feeds, sorry. Yeah, I did. I really want to post more photography-related stuff and WordPress just makes that so much easier. I'm feeling especially lazy lately, and WordPress helps with that too :).

@hjertnes Yes, that's the idea. If I want 28mm auto-focus I have the GRIII at 1/4th the price. Can't justify having both the M10 and the Q. Although I do love the Q.

I’m selling the Leica Q. Anyone looking for a superbly-built full-frame Leica with a 28mm Summilux 1.7 attached?

A dumb thing I do is purchase the annual plan for new software subscriptions, to save money, then stop using the app after like 3 months.

A couple weeks into Big Sur and now whenever I use a Mac running Catalina it looks… old, somehow. Huh, didn’t expect that.

On the desktop, anyway, I can’t fathom why anyone would prefer looking at photos on Instagram when they could look at them on Flickr.

I have some very nice Fuji digital gear for sale, including an X-T3, X-Pro2, and great lenses. Selling it is painful, but necessary. Contact me if interested.

Just a periodic reminder that Micro.blog remains my favorite place to hang out online. Thank you to everyone involved.

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