Well, one problem is that I define "simple" differently each day.

@cdevroe It's a pretty old Profoto D1 500 Air. I'm thinking of replacing it with something portable (and much cheaper). Probably Godox.

@adamsdesk Thanks. I assumed there was probably something I could build around a Pi. Let's see if I can balance that with ease of maintenance/use.

Alfred Camera, which I've been happily (and freely) using with an old iPhone 6, is suddenly riddled with obnoxious ads. Any suggestions for a local-first, privacy-conscious front-door camera setup? Can be paid, but taking the opportunity to look at what's available.

@c0debabe I just love it. Tried others, but always come back to the HHKB.

@emartin It's a lesser cartridge on the Thorens, definitely. Also it's been stored for a few years and could use a little TLC, for sure.

Dug out the old Thorens TD 160 and spun a few today. It's infinitely cooler than the Rega, but doesn't sound as good.

We need more youtube channels like Dr. John Campbell's. He's never asked me to subscribe, has no useless intro music/titles, gets right to the point, yet still has 1.55 million subscribers. Useful content, delivered simply. youtube.com/channel/UCF9IOB2TE

Progressive Rock, NWOBHM, and proto-nü-metal are the best genres of music.

@soum Good eye :). It's kon-peki. I'm new to the Pilot inks and this one is just a bit too light for me, but it's still great ink. Can't wait to try some others.

Regular Zippo use is almost reason enough to start smoking again. Almost.

@maique Yes, really. You just always look cool and it seems to come naturally.

@maique I'd be so much cooler if only I looked more like you.

Finally admitted to myself that my "workbench", meant for maker-type projects, was mostly aspirational, I've started converting it into a standup writing/analog desk.

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