What I’m supposed to do: Get things just the way I like them and keep them that way

What I actually do: Get things just the way I like them then change everything immediately

Found Negative #21

(What’s with the knives?)

Text selection and manipulation on iOS is a nightmare for me

I much preferred “The Sinner” to “The Haunting of Hill House”

NetNewsWire doesn’t sync, yet. At first I thought of this as a problem, but it’s ended up being a useful feature. Without sync, I can only read my feeds when I get home to the iMac on which NNW is installed. This is for the best.

I ran into the old, found negative from which I’d made the avatar I use in several places. I wrote a little about where it came from baty.net/avatar/

One could also argue that the worst thing that ever happened to the Mac was the iPhone.

– Michael Tsai mjtsai.com/blog/2018/12/07/ele

I’ve never, since the first iPhone, dropped it in a significant way and have never broken a screen. This is good because I don’t like using a case. Dropped mine twice this week so far. I put the case back on today.

@smays Probably, but I like to leave a large pile of cash out in full display on the porch in hopes that they won't bother with the typewriters :).

Saw a few posts go by today (e.g. from @joshsullivan and @craigmcclellan) that reminded me that I needed to update my “Life Stack” page, so that’s what I’ve done: baty.blog/lifestack.

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