I’ve run out of things to read on the regular web, apparently.

@spicy I'm not a distro expert but Pop! worked well and looked pretty good right out of the box so I've stuck with it. Before that it was Manjaro.

I have no doubt that digging out the ThinkPad and (re)installing Pop!_OS is a terrible idea.

@smays Both look interesting, thanks! I've had The Code Breaker on my short list for a while. Looks terrific.

Just downloaded my email from HEY.com and loaded the mbox file in Mutt. This means something, but what? :).

Question for Obsidian users: Is it really not possible to navigate search results (CMD-Shift-F) using the keyboard. I must be missing something but This post makes me think I’m not. Makes Obsidian a non-starter for me. forum.obsidian.md/t/navigate-s

@sergey_m I don't know much about it at all yet. Still following examples, etc. Hoping to dig in, though.

I’ve avoided going down the Home Assistant rabbit hole because I figured it would be a pain to set up. I was wrong. I flashed an SD card with the OS, popped it into an unused Pi and was building automations in less than 30 minutues. Uh oh! :) home-assistant.io

Haven’t used this original Amazon Echo for years. I thought I should at least keep the speakers.

I love these “library” cards from my grandfather’s movie club. That $5.00 fine must’ve hurt in 1972.

Gates: "I want to help fund a vaccine."Internet: "No way! You'll use it to secretly embed us with brain chips!"Musk: "I literally want to embed people with brain chips."Internet: "Cool! What credit cards to you accept?"— matt blaze (@mattblaze) April 14, 2021

Heh. twitter.com/mattblaze/status/1

It’s been a while since I’ve printed anything. Tonight was just a few contact sheets, but it felt good. Peaceful.

I don’t think I’d use pencils nearly as often if I didn’t have this super nice pencil sharpener. Or maybe I’d just have drawers full of sharpened-but-unused pencils :)

Calling my pile of notes a “Zettelkasten” imbues them with a cachet they don’t deserve.

@adamsdesk I'd given up on library ebooks because my library used Hoopla, which doesn't support my Kindle. Overdrive/Libby does, so it was a welcome change and now I'm reading 4 library books on my Kindle and it's pretty great!

@adamsdesk Yes, Roon is basically a fancy music library for local music files that can also (optionally) connect and integrate with services like Tidal or Qobuz. Not inexpensive, but I've found it integral to my listening. It helps when I think of it as another audio component in my "system". Makes it seem cheap! :)

Just listening to the good Iron Maiden before Bruce Dickinson ruined everything 😜

@adamsdesk Yeah, it's a little sad that we have to call this out as a welcome exception.

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