Quick poll, if you have a moment. If I were to resurrect my Blot.im blog for something, which “theme” do you prefer: The boring default or the Daring Fireball ripoff (homage?)? Neither? jackbaty.blot.im

@eli_oat I used to say, "Show me your spreadsheets and we'll build you software that does it all better." I no longer believe that. Also, Airtable.

I wonder what percentage of nerd-reply comments contain the sound-smart word "orthogonal".

I watched the entire season of “Hunters” and I don’t know why because I thought it was terrible throughout.

@musicmatze Cheater! Kidding, but I'd almost forgotten about the whole Googlewhack thing so thanks for reminding me :)

Kansas, “Point of Know Return”. Still a favorite. Still best on vinyl.

By what mechanism might I send highlighted passages from an article in @NetNewsWire to my Readwise.io account?

@hjertnes I don't doubt that. Given the current state of affairs, I would have posted fewer photos of my daughter.

@hjertnes I'm sure you're not alone, but I'm pretty sure you're in the minority.

@hjertnes They won't even notice. They'll be too busy sharing photos of _their_ kids.

Camera Identification Selfie (First roll of Film Ferrania P30). ASA 80 box speed in HC-110.

Even though I can get to my account’s subscription page in App Store, I could not manage subscriptions there (blank white screen). Still had to do that in the Music app not the App Store app. Makes total sense 🤪

It’s no secret that I change up my tools often. It’s not always simply indecision or chasing the “perfect” thing. It’s often because I like playing with a variety of software. I just wish I could keep my curiosity separate from actual work. I fall in love too easily.

There’ve been some fun posts showing Volkswagon Beetle’s today. Here’s me with mine. I drove it in 1984 I think. That was such a fun, simple car.

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