@hjertnes Doesn't seem like even slow drives should take 30 seconds to wake up. Unless the OS has to wake them up *and* make them breakfast.

Well somehow "Put hard drives to sleep when possible" got reset to "Always", which probably doesn't help.

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I have 2 (USB) drives plugged into my MBP via the CalDigit hub. Many times, when an app needs to access one of those drives, it can take up to 30 seconds before the app becomes responsive while the drive(s) grind away. Short of running Amphetamine, is there something else I can try?

@cdevroe "I’ll be right here at my website." Me too, but you bring up network effects and for me that is 100s in Glass vs near-zero on my site. I prefer 100s :). Glass is a great space and I'd rather share my photos where at least a few people will see them. Otherwise, it's not really "sharing". So it's both, for me. I thought we'd all agreed to bring Flickr back. No? :)

Give a fella a macro lens and suddenly everything is fair game. e.g. the shutter button of a Polaroid SX-70

I love shooting with Leica M cameras, but my eyes become increasingly disagreeable to the idea with every month that passes.

They: “So, tell me about your photographic work.”
Me: “Oh, it’s mostly just test images after getting new camera gear.”

@hjertnes Many (ok a few) times. It's fine, I just resent needing it. Besides, it's more fun to make fun of the "state of things" than it is to actually figure things out for myself.

@hjertnes I've been hearing "...it's actually easier because..." for years but I'm still not buying it 😜. I'm just annoyed that Docker is a solution to problems we shouldn't have in the first place.

@deshipu Heh, exactly. I sometimes wish /my/ tools did that but I don't want them badly enough.

I found a resume template in LaTeX that I liked, but the instructions called for first pulling down a Docker image and jesus christ how did we end up here.

@adamsdesk It's possible, but I've yet to meet anyone capable of it :). I'm certainly not. At the very least, there's copying off the card, etc.

A great thing about shooting Polaroid film is that once you've pressed the button, you're done with that photo. There's nothing left to do but grab a pen and write a caption on it, and even that's optional.

@adamsdesk Choosing ink is one of the best parts! Doesn't really matter which type of fountain pen.

@pim I've got a Lightphone II in the drawer I'll sell you, cheap!

@adamsdesk That looks like a piston filler. You probably dip the end into ink and twist to suck it into the chamber.

Have you any idea how many hours I've spent in pursuit of saving myself a handful of keystrokes?

@adamsdesk Good timing! I /just/ refilled a fountain pen and put it to work :)

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