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This is so cool. remarkable_news is a tool for the reMarkable tablet to automatically download daily newspaper/comic as your suspend screen. I’m using the NYT.

I am unabashedly a fan of Rob Zombie. Rolling Stone says of “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”:

Offers the same disco-metal dreck he’s been peddling for 30 years.

I say, bring it on and turn it up!

I’m not sure “Doom Emacs from scratch” even counts as a thing, but I’m trying it anyway:

Decided to revive a 2021 version of the Daybook I’ve kept in Tinderbox (on and off) since 2008. Not sure if I’ll spend time backfilling everything, but here goes again. This is the current Dashboard map view.

Speaking of tracking books. Tinderbox is also great for that. If I put in start/end dates I get a timeline view for free

I made this one deliberately a little low-key but I like the look. The Q2 Monochrom floors me.

I’ll shoot you in the fuckin’ face if you think about coming ‘round here. I’ll shoot you just for fun.

A little of the old, wild Nick Cave shows up here in the first half, and he’s most welcome. This is another terrific record from Cave.

Dependabot and friends are useful, but it kind of ruin the commit log as a place to track updates.

I grumbled at the price but this CalDigit I now know why it’s so highly-regarded. It’s awesome. Fast SD card, Analog audio (and Roon endpoint), Thunderbolt. 15 ports in total using just a single port of the Mac Mini. Zero USB-related issues so far.

Leica bravely makes cameras with black & white only sensors and I finally have one.

Supertramp seems like one of those bands I’d tire of after 30 or 40 years, but I never do.

The Grovemade desk table came and it’s awesome. I’ll probably move things around a bit, and hopefully find a nicer lamp, but this is a really nice setup.

Leitz Focomat v35 Enlarger. If I were to stop shooting 35mm film, something I’m considering, I’d miss this enlarger terribly.

Very happy with HomeChef tonight. Scallops are my favorite.

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