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Trying something. I now have more input devices than I have hands.

I’m not a gun person, but the story behind this negative is fascinating.

The entire image is done in camera on one piece of film with no computer software or manipulation

My Leica M6 is (based on the serial number) one of the last 10 produced (1998). It has an upgraded “MP” rangefinder and only 28, 35, and 50mm framelines. It’s perfect and I love it.

Look what we found in the office basement. So much for productivity.

Lunch at Founders. Watching Ghostbusters is way better than watching sports.

This is what the last frame looked like before the shutter came apart. Ah, film.

Well, the shutter just came apart on my M4. That cheap-ass Leica only lasted 53 years! 😆. The good news is that for around $300 I can have it fixed, CLA’d, and, with any luck, use it for another 50.

CIP (for “Camera Identification Photo”, my new term) from latest roll of T-MAX P3200. So much grain!

Finished up a roll of T-MAX 3200. Not even all that grain can detract from her cuteness.

(Nikon F3. T-MAX P3200 @3200. HC-110)

This new bag that came with the MK1 negative holder from Negative Supply fits in quite well with the decor.

After a few quick test “scans”, this setup looks to be a game changer for me. I can finally imagine a world without scanners, and more importantly, without scanner software.

I’m in the middle of a second listen to Nick Cave’s new record “Ghosteen” and it is the saddest, most beautiful thing.

Week 2 of training started today for Alice. Just look at her sit there in front of Target with loads of distractions nearby! I can’t wait for her to come home on Thursday.

I’ll be limited to 8x10” prints from 35mm negatives and in a bathroom but it’s a start.

I thought Sturgill Simpson made country music. If “Sound & Fury” is country music it could mean I can stop hating country music. It’s fun, whatever it is.

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