Give a fella a macro lens and suddenly everything is fair game. e.g. the shutter button of a Polaroid SX-70

I love shooting with Leica M cameras, but my eyes become increasingly disagreeable to the idea with every month that passes.

Rather than do anything useful today, I thought I'd run my 3 favorite typewriters side-by-side to see which I prefer. Tough call!

Aquarium update: 3 fish, 3 coral. Did first water change yesterday and I think it went ok. Lots to worry/think about when keeping a reef tank.

I love this time of year when the tap water is just the right temperature.

I missed focus by a quarter mile, but I still like it. She's just enjoying the breeze.

Made a self-portrait using the little Instax camera and it might be the most accurate one yet.

Finally finished the roll that was languishing in the OM-2n. It's drying now.

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