I’ve run out of things to read on the regular web, apparently.

I have no doubt that digging out the ThinkPad and (re)installing Pop!_OS is a terrible idea.

Haven’t used this original Amazon Echo for years. I thought I should at least keep the speakers.

I love these “library” cards from my grandfather’s movie club. That $5.00 fine must’ve hurt in 1972.

It’s been a while since I’ve printed anything. Tonight was just a few contact sheets, but it felt good. Peaceful.

I don’t think I’d use pencils nearly as often if I didn’t have this super nice pencil sharpener. Or maybe I’d just have drawers full of sharpened-but-unused pencils :)

Just listening to the good Iron Maiden before Bruce Dickinson ruined everything 😜

This photo of me was in the bag of cassettes from my sister. It’s me and my daughter in, I think, 1989. I should be like, “Aww, look how little she was” but instead I’m like, “WTF is up with my hair!!? Is that a mullet!?”

I tried an impromptu portrait of my dad today. I would be happy with it if it weren’t for my stupid reflection in his glasses. Glasses ruin so many of my portraits, but I still forget to check them.

Sometimes after dubbing an album from vinyl to cassette, I would draw my own version of the cover art. This is the only one I still have: Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind”.

My sister found a handful of my old cassettes. Sweet! Here are a few of them. I bet you can guess which one of these was reserved for the rare occasion when there was a young lady in the car.

First project of my “sabbatical” was to install a pegboard behind the workbench. Much like with computers, I focus on the process and supporting tools but never seem to get around to actually making anything 😁. Still, cool pegboard.

I still have this 1962 Minolta Autocord so I took a few photos of it, and included a couple of pretty embarrassing self-portraits that I took with it years ago. copingmechanism.com/2021/the-m

I find people’s workspaces fascinating. The older the better. This is my dad’s garage workbench, which he’s been using since 1980.

It’s nice having a macro lens because it turns the whole house into a new place to explore.

17 Gazillion dollars spent on camera gear and all I do is walk around the house and take snapshots of my dog. Still, she’s a cute dog so I guess it’s worth it.

This app/window layout is working great for me on the 32-inch monitor. iTerm split into two panes on the left. Safari in the center. Emacs split into 3 panes on the right. No overlap, no fudging with sizes. Everything always visible. Not much I can’t do with only this.

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