What, why? Was I getting too comfortable with my own Emacs config or something?

Finally dug out the film dryer. Cuts my drying time from 2 hours to just 15 minutes. I should probably mount it somewhere.

What's this? A Safari browser extension for Bitwarden in Catalina. Then I clicked the link to find it just downloads the desktop app. I feel cheated.

My M3 is on its way home after CLA and repairs. Don sent some photos of the process. I wish I had the guts, tools, and talent to work on things like this.

I was always working steady
I never called it art
I got my shit together
meeting Christ and reading Marx
It failed my little fire
But it’s bright the dying spark.

This posthumous collection from Leonard Cohen is sad and beautiful.

Focus Check.

I feel like tinkering so I’m setting up a little pop-up portrait studio in my basement today. Up next, some simple lighting.

The internet is exhausting my good humor, so this is the phone I’m bringing with me today.

This barely even looked like a hamburger. Maybe that’s why it was called the “Meat Tornado”.

Stella’s Lounge for lunch today. It’s just so inviting!

There’ll be none of that “Netflix and chill” nonsense at dad’s house.

My dad set up the 8mm projector and a makeshift screen. Here’s my sister watching herself as a baby.

Alice rarely poses nicely for me, but she made an exception today with Jess and Brandon.

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