Dug out the old Thorens TD 160 and spun a few today. It's infinitely cooler than the Rega, but doesn't sound as good.

Regular Zippo use is almost reason enough to start smoking again. Almost.

Finally admitted to myself that my "workbench", meant for maker-type projects, was mostly aspirational, I've started converting it into a standup writing/analog desk.

Having my blog and my personal (org) journal in 2 side-by-side Emacs buffers is pretty sweet.

A reminder that this is my dream office. (scan of found negative given to me by my brother in law, so this office is somewhere local. Or was.)

It’s not an every day camera, but as beautiful as the Linhof is, it doesn’t need to be. Just looking at it makes me happy.

I handled this roll backward. I made silver gelatin prints in the darkroom first, then scanned the prints. It’s actually less work than scanning negatives. Ok, no it isn’t.

This may not be the fastest or most convenient way to go through my photos, but I sure enjoy it.

I don’t enjoy making contact sheets, but I love having them.

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