Found Negative #21

(What’s with the knives?)

I ran into the old, found negative from which I’d made the avatar I use in several places. I wrote a little about where it came from

Size difference between the Fuji Instax Square and the Polaroid (SX-70). I love the square format, and the Instax is much cheaper and the image quality is higher. I hope I get used to the smaller size, though.

My desk is unacceptably cluttered, so I’m going to distract myself from work I’m supposed to be doing by cleaning it.

Trying something new. My first Baron Fig notebook (and pen).

Panther Cub at Founders. It was fine but not my favorite.

Digital or analog? I say both, and lots of it! (This is getting out of hand)

I was across the room minding my own business when the iMac screen suddenly did this…

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