I’m selling the Leica Q. Anyone looking for a superbly-built full-frame Leica with a 28mm Summilux 1.7 attached?

On the desktop, anyway, I can’t fathom why anyone would prefer looking at photos on Instagram when they could look at them on Flickr.

I have some very nice Fuji digital gear for sale, including an X-T3, X-Pro2, and great lenses. Selling it is painful, but necessary. Contact me if interested.

My good friend Wayne passed away a few years ago. He was one day younger than me and his 56th birthday would have been July 27th. This photo is of he and I with some new friends during Spring Break week in Fort Lauderdale, 1985.

Whenever I need to be reminded why I like shooting film, I just spend some time in the darkroom.

My wife got me an Ember mug for my birthday. I didn’t even know I needed one but I needed one. Works great and I love it already. Put one in the Win column for smart devices I guess.

My home office fridge. 1/3 Diet Coke, 1/3 beer, 1/3 various film stocks

From my new perch. I’m all alone on the loft. I somehow ended up with the most space and I don’t even own the place anymore.

I’ve only shot a few sheets with this Burke & James Press Camera, but it sure looks cool.

I know there’s a new Kansas record but I prefer old Kansas. Especially very old Kansas like “Song for America” from 1975.

I’m using my old SE this week, which has turned the X into a $1,000 darkroom timer 😜

Unpopular opinion: Paul Di’Anno Iron Maiden is as good as or better than Bruce Dickenson Iron Maiden

Leave me alone, Dropbox! (This is one reason I’m moving to other sync options).

I was given a Buddha Board. I’d never heard of it and now it’s my favorite thing today. buddhaboard.com

This Aeron chair has been sat in nearly every day, all day, comfortably, for more than 20 years. Other than the plastic covers on the wheels falling off, it still works perfectly. Sometimes paying a little extra pays off.

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