Saw John Mulaney last night and it was a "no phone" event, meaning they bagged all phones and smartwatches for the duration. I was wearing my mechanical watch and you wouldn't believe how many people asked me for the time.

Also, every event should be a no phone event. Movies, dinners, landmarks, cab rides, all of 'em

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@jackbaty I bought my first smartphone a couple of months ago. So far I've managed to avoid turning into an anti-social dopamine junky.

@jackbaty I leave the phone at the other end of the house during the day. When I go out it stays switched off unless needed. So far so good...


At the concert, did they collect your phones and keep them at the front gate? I’m surprised people would go along with it.

@smays No, they put them in a locked pouch, which you keep with you. There are stations you can use for making calls if necessary where they unlock the pouch for you. Worked better than expected. Didn't see anyone freaking out beyond just not knowing what to do with themselves without their phones :)

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