@jackbaty Oh I love this device. Why the hell did Apple stop making iPods? I recently wanted to gift my daughter a music player and was stunned to see how slim this market is. Not everyone needs a smartphone.

@amit Good question, but the answer is (literally) right there in front of our faces. :). I sure love the old iPods, though. I can operate it with one hand without taking it out of my pocket.

@jackbaty iPod was a safe device to hand over to children. Load them up with songs they love and let them enjoy them for hours. With a smartphone, you need to worry about *so much*.

I did give a music player to my daughter -- she loves it, and always carries it everywhere. And am shouting inside, you haven't seen the best one ever made.

@jackbaty iPod Classic and before that iPod Video, the only Apple device I really enjoyed using. It just worked so well especially when you replace the firmware with rockbox.

@adamsdesk I've never meet anybody else that ran rockbox. I believe there was another open firmware also, but I may be wrong. You could even run DOOM on it! @jackbaty

@jawsh @jackbaty Yes Rockbox was amazing. I ran Doom on. Why because you can 😃. The accessibility features on it blow my mind and the better battery life to boot (pun intended).


@adamsdesk The odds of me bricking the thing by messing with firmware approaches 100% :)

@jackbaty I believe there is a Windows tool for flashing Rockbox. So if you have access to Windows and install the drivers you should be fine. You should be able to flash with Linux also. @adamsdesk

@jackbaty Well its not as hard as it sounds. However I get it, it's not for everyone.

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