Arc is the first browser implementation that lets me keep a bunch of tabs around while not feeling like I'm managing a bunch of tabs. I hate managing tabs. It's like they're not really tabs.

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@jackbaty Sounds interesting. I see a few things of concern though. No linceses listed, no privacy policies or data collection transparency. Also as I browsered the site I saw that the company pretty much hands out ones personal data to various online services instead of keeping it internal. All things I personally don't like, however we will see how things progress. Good to see potentially another competitor in the market.

@adamsdesk Of course there are things to keep an eye on. I'll worry about them more once I've determined that I'm interested in staying with the browser. There is a privacy policy here, if that helps:

@jackbaty Oh I missed the privacy policy. Too many dang taps to get to it on mobile.

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