I found a resume template in LaTeX that I liked, but the instructions called for first pulling down a Docker image and jesus christ how did we end up here.

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@jackbaty The chaos engineers. They don't mind additional complexity, because they don't understand their systems anyways, and they have tools to handle it anyways. So they will use whatever works, literally piling whole operating systems on top of other operating systems, because it's easier with the tools they have than actually installing TeX. And if anything doesn't work, they just delete it and rebuild the whole thing, because their tools let them do it easily.

@deshipu Heh, exactly. I sometimes wish /my/ tools did that but I don't want them badly enough.

@jackbaty you can usually figure out what versions of the software you need from the docker image version / Dockerfile. The reason is that it’s actually easier because you don’t have to figure out how to install something just to test something out. Just think about the last time something required a different ruby version, then you installed it and used a week to fix your Mac

@hjertnes I've been hearing "'s actually easier because..." for years but I'm still not buying it 😜. I'm just annoyed that Docker is a solution to problems we shouldn't have in the first place.

@hjertnes Many (ok a few) times. It's fine, I just resent needing it. Besides, it's more fun to make fun of the "state of things" than it is to actually figure things out for myself.

@jackbaty I think that’s fine if what we had before was better, in this case it wasn’t.

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