It took me longer to summarize how I added search to my blog using Pagefind than it did to add search to my blog using Pagefind:

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@jackbaty That’s really great and fast as hell, I tested it on your site. 😉 By the way that Bilberry theme is super nice, I’ve added it to my list of themes I’d like to port to

@pim Thanks for testing it. It work pretty well, I think. I like the theme, too. It feels tidy to me.

@pim @jackbaty meanwhile I was thinking: this theme is too tidy

@hjertnes @jackbaty I guess I’ve gravitated toward boredom in my middle age? 😂

@jackbaty @Dananner @pim they should. But that doesn’t mean it have to be boring

@hjertnes @Dananner @pim "Boring" is one of those things one must (and can only) determine for themselves. For me, _anything_ I stare at day after day becomes boring eventually.

@hjertnes @jackbaty @Dananner That’s the tricky part, as it’s a very fine line between readable and distracting I find.

@jackbaty @hjertnes @pim “boring” generally means you can absorb the information faster without distractions.

Art and photography are a different matter.

@jackbaty @pim @Dananner What I mean by this is that I’d love to see more color, and I want personal sites to not look so similar to corporate websites

@hjertnes @pim @Dananner I guess it's a good thing that my blog always has such wildly compelling content then! 😜

@pim @jackbaty @Dananner and I don’t think blogs and art have to be different matters

@hjertnes @pim @jackbaty they don’t, but if you have a blog that focuses on dense information- don’t distract your readers.

@jackbaty @Dananner @pim I disagree. Sometimes you start with function sometimes with form; to get to something great is always a result of interaction between the two

@pim @Dananner @jackbaty exciting design and distraction isn’t the same. Distracting the reader is just shitty design

@jackbaty @pim @Dananner Not really my point either. And graphic designers aren’t usually that great at web design. I just think there are more colors than grey/black and white, and I miss when personal websites was more whimsical

@hjertnes @jackbaty @Dananner This thread reminds me I still have it on my todo list to create a theme with some more colour, incorporating elements and design cues from Tufte and Hitchens into one.

@hjertnes @jackbaty @Dananner My personal preference for text-heavy sites will always be clean and simple design, but I don’t mind whimsical so long as it doesn’t overwhelm. From my experience colour isn’t the problem, rather more complicated layouts that draw the eyes and focus away from the content.

@pim @jackbaty I’ve been aware of that for a long time 😂

@hjertnes @pim Heh, yeah, at some point I'll probably feel the same way :)

@jackbaty If you have time and feel like doing so pls make a pull request to add this to the bilberry theme, I really dislike the current algolia implementation. I like how it looks in your site.

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