I use a 32" 4k monitor attached to my (closed) MBP most of the time. I'm starting to think bigger screens are unproductive for me. Too much going on at once.

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@jackbaty yeah. I’ve used a single ultra-wide in the past and really didn’t like it. I much prefer 2x “normal” screens.

@jackbaty I think they can be productive, but only if you a) can leave it plugged in there most of the time and b) if you do something where it is an advantage to look at many things at once

@hjertnes My problem is that it just ends up a thousand random windows all competing for attention. I'm not good at filtering them. I'm testing "Stage Manager" as a way to minimize this.

@jackbaty Interesting, I have two 28" 4K and would love to have at least one more as a reference/HUD 😁.

@jackbaty Funny you mention this, as sometimes my 27” iMac at work feels overwhelming with everything on screen. I use mission control and try to keep windows organized, but there’s still something unsettling about it.

@pim I'm sure my difficulty focusing doesn't help, but yeah. Using Stage Manager does seem to be helping, even though it still feels weird.

@jackbaty Would you say Stage Manager is better than the old multitasking/window management?

@pim It's too early to tell. I never got along with Spaces on macOS. So far SM is interesting and seems useful, but the novelty may wear off!

@jackbaty I had an Ultrawide for awhile and I didn’t really like it. I’m looking forward to trying out Stage Manager on my 27” iMac. I also found that multiple monitors cause ergonomic problems for me. So I’m completely out of style.

@ronguest @jackbaty I’m so used to using an iPad at home that when faced with a large display, I’m just asking myself “The fuck am I supposed to fill all this space with?” 😂

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