Rather than do anything useful today, I thought I'd run my 3 favorite typewriters side-by-side to see which I prefer. Tough call!

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@jackbaty Growing up I didn't need to learn to use them as computers took over so I wasn't a fan of them. However, I cannot deny that I have appreciation for them and the beauty. There is just something about them. I want one, why I do not know.

@adamsdesk No clear winner. The SM9 is probably the best typer. The SM3 is the coolest. The Hermes is the smoothest. If forced, I'd keep the SM9 I think.

@jackbaty So what you need is these typewriters to get together and create a baby 😏 . At least you have a decision if forced to have to get rid of some.

@jackbaty @adamsdesk I like the look of the SM9 the best, though to be honest that’s splitting hairs. I’d have to pick based on typing experience too because of this.

That’s a beautiful collection of machines.

@jackbaty lovely! I occasionally bring out my 1953 Royal Quiet Deluxe to type out a few phrases.

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