Scaachi, writer of what might be my favorite newsletter, nails my feelings about wireless earbuds:

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@jackbaty 🤣 That was an entertaining and accurate read. I wear hearing aids so AirPods are pointless for me, but I even hate the wired earbuds for the same reasons. In fact I’ve never had a single pair of bud style earphones that didn’t fall out or cause discomfort.

@pim I've had 3 sets of AirPods. I can't hear the left ones without rotating them 45 degrees forward. No idea why. Otherwise, they've all failed. Over-the-ear is for me.

@jackbaty Same here, I have a pair of AKG’s I can use with my Focusrite, and Sennheisers I use with my phone. (Assuming I’m not wearing my hearing aids, which have Bluetooth but don’t sound neatly as good).

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