I recently switched to WordPress (again) for baty.net and I'm already regretting it (again). Plugins shouldn't be allowed to upsell in the control panel. "Full-site" editing is a janky nightmare. I'd rather not go back to static, though.

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@jackbaty I neither haven't tried myself nor do I want to at the moment and don't want to make things more complicated for you, but have getpublii.com/ looks like a compromise between flat-file and CMS?!

@kev @_sven I actually installed Publii a couple weeks ago and tested it briefly. It was super simple to get rolling, but I didn't seriously consider it for baty.net. I think I'll revisit that decision, thanks!

@jackbaty May I ask what you dislike about static sites?

I would love for someone to create a blogging focused UI for WordPress that is just about blogging. Leave the big UI in place for administration.

I’d also really love for it to publish static HTML as an option. 😀

@fahrni I like the /idea/ of static sites, but tire of the disconnect between writing and publishing. I like the edit-type-save-and-done process. My other blog is still static (hugo) and I love it for that. Also, images are a pain in most SSGs

@fahrni All of these SSG inconveniences are solvable in some fashion, but still feel like paper cuts all day.

@jackbaty Oh, yea, I see what you mean. Great points. 👍

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