Current blogging system. It’s all in this single Org-mode file.

@jackbaty You can tag the "Daily" heading with @Daily and that will propagate to all the nested posts.

@kaushalmodi Oh, right! I originally had them under "Posts" but that's a great idea.

Also related to tags, has basic support for Tag Hierarchy parsing:

I use it like this:

#+tags: [ @emacs : @org org @elisp ]
#+tags: [ @web : @hugo css ]

#+tags: [ @org : ox_hugo ]
#+tags: [ @hugo : ox_hugo ]

So if I tag something as ox_hugo, it automatically gets tagged with @org, @emacs, @hugo and @web as well.

It helps reduce repetitive typing of tags and adds consistently to the "family" of tags.

@kaushalmodi Yes, I should try to standardize tags before they get out of hand, as they often do. Thanks.


Mostly unrelated to this post, but I saw that you are setting the front matter format at yaml by default.

I am working on this feature on and off where maps the LOGBOOK drawer to page front-matter. This requires me to add support for outputting front-matter that's a list of maps.. and it's a pain to support this in both TOML and YAML.

And I was thinking if I should just slowly get rid of YAML, because at the end of the day, it makes no functional difference.



The user is entering "metadata" in Org format or that metadata gets implied through Org heading tags, TODO states, etc.

The YAML/TOML format is just the intermediate format that the user probably hardly reads.. those things are for Hugo to consume.

Then.. what's the point of providing that option to the user?



(well, this needs a third part too)

Thinking of taking that option away at some point, and that wouldn't cause any functional difference to the user.

.. and I don't need to maintain a set of hacky TOML generator and a hacky YAML generator.



@kaushalmodi Removing YAML support would be OK with me. It's just a personal preference. I can't think of where it might matter in other peoples' workflows.

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