I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone using both Org mode and Hugo that is the bee’s knees and makes static blogging a joy rather than a chore. Kaushal Modi has done some great work here.

@jackbaty Indeed. I have started to build a blogging setup with EMacs/Hugo a while ago and it was fun and easy to use. I though never did the final step and actually put the built site online. I was unsure what would be the best way to build the site locally and sync to the server or build it on the server. How do you do it?

@svenseebeck I've done it both ways. Things like Netlify are great for having the server build it out. These days I'm just using a static VPS running Caddy and I build locally and use rsync to push the new stuff up.

@svenseebeck I don't need a mobile component, otherwise I'd be back using Netlify. I also use a simple Makefile to make deploying easier. Something like

@jackbaty Ahh cool, thanks. I will wrap my head around that. The next vacation is in a couple of months I see myself trying it then 🤣. I always think I need “mobile” blogging yet in reality it isn’t that much.

@jackbaty Thanks for that shout-out! It feels great seeing this project become helpful to a lot more folks than just me.

I started this project to scratch an itch -- I didn't want to manually write the front matter in each new Markdown file, and worse.. deal with batch renaming/addition of tags. That's when I thought that "Hey, already has subtree tags.. I wonder if I can leverage that.".

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