Having my blog and my personal (org) journal in 2 side-by-side Emacs buffers is pretty sweet.

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@jackbaty what's that weather trick your have there? Looks cool

@jackbaty That’s one infuriating date format…

I think org and markdown are two very different formats with entirely different strengths and weaknesses

@hjertnes The property attribute for each entry holds the proper format. I never need to sort or scan the dates, and it ends up printed, so doesn't matter.

They're different formats because one is much better :)

@jackbaty I don’t think org is better for everything.

It depends on what you are going to use it for. If it will be converted to HTML I think markdown in general is better at it because there is much more of a 1:1 relationship between it and the kind of HTML most writing use. Or if you have some text you want simple formatting of I also think it is better.

But for more complex stuff with meta data etc I agree that Org is better.

Sigh. I can’t stand date formats like that one 😂

@hjertnes I don't think org is better for everything either. Just 90% of what I use it for. And yeah, I hate that date format for anything other than a document heading/title, which is how it gets used there.

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