Every time I think I want to dip my toes back into web development, the first thing I’m told is to type 1,000 things that start with npm install ... and I’m turned off already. I should just get over it but blech.

@jackbaty there's nothing wrong with artisanal html+css with some vanilla JavaScript swirled on top.

@ketmorco That's where I started, then realized it could take me as long to catch up on modern CSS as to learn to use Tailwind or similar for a head start. Then I got dizzy and walked away :)

@jackbaty I guess it largely depends on your goals. I used to be super into the web as an interface, but modern social networks have disabused me of that notion. Heck, just the tracking and spyware baked into the modern web is 🤢 and basically has made me revolt.
There's definitely some places for modern, but I sent back to just HTML.

I do want to build some styling in, but I want to just live with organisation for a while.

Heck, I'm even hand rolling my feed

@jackbaty I’ve been daydreaming about re-building my blog with vanilla JS and avoiding all dependencies.
It’s still an option, right?

@Flarnie I'm in the middle of that now, and it's what started this whole thing. I'm punting for now.

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