It’s not an every day camera, but as beautiful as the Linhof is, it doesn’t need to be. Just looking at it makes me happy.

@jackbaty Is that a 4x5? I built a 4x5 last year and it's a really neat shooting experience.

@grendel84 Yes, 4x5. I love shooting large format, but it can be very challenging.

@jackbaty Yeah for sure. The lenses are also pretty expensive for them. Honestly I find developing the sheet film to be almost more difficult than shooting, since with my supplies I have to tray develop them in the dark.

@grendel84 I was trying to do stand development using trays but no way I was going to stand in the dark for an hour so I caved and bought one of these: Not cheap, but way easier!

@jackbaty yeah I've been thinking about picking one up but they really are pricey, and sadly I haven't had the time to shoot enough to justify it.

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