@jackbaty I never had the opportunity to use this service where I live but used to go to stores to rent them. They will be missed as I've found many gems not available to stream this way. For myself I use the library streaming service to fill the gap or archive.org. If all else fails I buy it on Amazon. I hope buying them stays but unlikely, as many movies/TV shows are not avalibale otherwise.

@adamsdesk I never thought about the library. I'll check into that, thanks!

@jackbaty For streaming solutions from your library I use Hoopla Digital hoopladigital.com/ and Kanopy kanopy.com/. Thought those links maybe helpful but depends on what your library offers.


@adamsdesk I'd given up on library ebooks because my library used Hoopla, which doesn't support my Kindle. Overdrive/Libby does, so it was a welcome change and now I'm reading 4 library books on my Kindle and it's pretty great!

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@jackbaty Wait what, Hoopla offers ebooks too? Well those are good options for ebooks. My ereader is so old it doesn't even support Overdrive/Libby. I need to upgrade.

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