@jackbaty: #HEY's workflow sounds promising and the UI at least interesting. But there's one big drawback: It's seems not #selfhosted. It even requires a new e-mail address. (WTF?)

Funnily another new promising #MUA (#email user client) popped up today in #Debian #Unstable: #aerc (aerc-mail.org/) by @sir (as it seems). It especially has these two features I miss with #mutt (which I use for about two decades now): Multiple #IMAP accounts and being able to read mails while writing one.

@xtaran @sir Right, it's email as a service. And also right that they don't yet support custom domains. Limits its appeal, certainly. It's something new, and I'm finding it to be worth trying. Aerc's built in terminal looks cool. I'm going to be exporting an mbox from HEY and using Mutt or Mu4e to read and search later.

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