I’m firmly in the “Don’t Recline” camp but I’m also in the “Don’t punch the reclining seat in front of you” camp. How is this possible? The internet is acting like it’s not possible.

@jackbaty they are each one as bad as the other.

Mister I’m a fucking child and will violently abuse this woman because I am a man and man wins.

Miss I’m Karen and I paid for this seat and it has a recline button, therefore I will take what I paid for, regardless of any injury it causes them, because I have rights.

@jackbaty I used to recline as soon as the aircraft rotated, but that was in the 1980s, when operators gave us actual ROOM.

I don't dare do that anymore. I might recline just a little, but never fully. Those behind me don't need a seat full of seat in front of them.

But yes, I still seem to think that politely asking for a little more room when someone reclined into me is better than being rude.

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