My inclination to use WordPress is inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend thinking about blogging tools.

So, if you spend a lot of time thinking about blogging tools, you are less inclined to go with WP. And if you spend very little time thinking about tools, you are more inclined toward WP. Have I got that right?

@smays That's right. When I think about blogging and tools I think about static generators, simple hosting, fun command-line options, etc. When I just want to post stuff and know that the tools will handle whatever I want, I drop back to WordPress. Does that even make sense?

I think I understand. I suspect you are encumbered with technical knowledge with which I am not burdened. The tools (WP) have gotten so good (for me) they have mostly disappeared. Which frees me to think only of 'content' (text, photos, video)

A little off topic but not much...
Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped History

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