I’d love to know how many hours I’ve gotten back since Let’s Encrypt and certbot showed up. I used to have to manually generate CSRs, order, and install probably a hundred or more SSL certs on a regular basis. Now it’s fire and forget, for free.

@jackbaty Currently Let's Encrypt is a bit of a single point of failure though. More organizations need to be doing the same thing from within different jurisdictions, so that Lets Encrypt doesn't become a rug which can be pulled from under the open web.
@bob @jackbaty "A bit"  It IS a single point of failure for a tremendous amount of the internet.

@maiyannah @bob It is, and I'd be happy to see some new players. In the meantime, I'll take it.

@maiyannah @jackbaty Yes. LetsEncrypt now runs on 2 million servers. That's a small fraction of all internet servers but its twice as many as Google or Microsoft.

If some law in the US changed or the sponsors of LetsEncrypt decided it wasn't worth it at least two million sites would disappear and in the Venn diagram that's probably nearly all of what remains of the open web.
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